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At [ENCLOSED], we don’t just sell lingerie. We deliver a gift-giving experience like no other. [ENCLOSED] was designed specifically to help you select the perfect gift for the woman you love*, ensuring that the pieces don’t just fit, but are an utterly-feminine treat that will continue to delight her—and you—month after month.

Whether you are looking for a sexy anniversary gift for your wife, a boyshort birthday present for your bestie, or a perfect date night gift delivery, give her the most romantic gift of all, designer lingerie from [ENCLOSED].

* Yes, the woman you love may be your sweet self.

Real Designer Lingerie Styles

    • purple silk gift nightie
    Deep Purple Decadence
    Raspberry Chiffon Romper
    • Silk Lise Charmel Lingerie babydoll
    Lise Charmel Silk Babydoll
    • grey designer gift pajamas
    Giselle Floral PJs

How Enclosed Works

1. Build Her Gift

select panty month preferences

You Tell Us How Many Months & Which Styles She Will Like . . .

2. We Customize Her Gift

personalizing panty month gift lingerie

We Deliver Concierge Gift Services, Ensuring The Quality & Fit Of Your Gift, Month After Month . . .

3. She Delights In The Enclosed Experience

romantic panty gift woman

She Revels In The Romance Of Lingerie, Month After Month.

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Our Designer Knickers

    • pink bikini mesh lace
    Pink Addiction
    • lise charmel exception charme white lace bikini
    Lise Charmel Exception Charme Lace Bikini
    • Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie
    Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie Blue Boyshort
    • red christmas thong boy panty sexy
    Christmas Boy Thong

As Seen In . . .

Fit 100% Guaranteed

Unsure of her size? Not to worry. We get the size right 98% of the time. In fact, we guarantee we’ll get it right, or make it right. More . . .

boxes of panties delivered monthly

Boxes shipped globally, from Sydney to Salt Lake City, Saskatoon to Seattle.

fit gift 98% of time

Correct knicker fit 98% of the time.

Approval 9 out of 10 customers

Customers would recommend our gift service to a friend.


43,501 Delighted Customers*

From Lehigh, PA to London, England, we delight thousands and thousands of customers, month after month. The quality of our product is unmatched. The joy of our customers is simply sublime. More real customer testimonials . . .


* As of October 1, 2021

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