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Victoria’s Secret vs. Enclosed

The most frequent question we get about our business is, how do your panties compare to Victoria’s Secret? The answer is we are different. Victoria’s Secret brings affordable intimates (as well as clothing, shoes, perfume and more) to the mass market. [ENCLOSED] is all about delivering an intimate surprise gift of ultra-high-end lingerie.


Enclosed vs. Victorias secret

How Victoria’s Secret Compares

This is the greatest differentiator. While Victoria’s Secret aims for affordability and tries to please every person, [ENCLOSED] focuses on a higher-end, luxury segment of the market. [ENCLOSED] knickers are made of real silk, the finest leaver’s lace and designed with uncompromising attention to detail. Once you see and touch these Knickers, you will know [ENCLOSED] is offering a different category of product.

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Bras, Clothing and More vs. a Focus On Panties

Victoria’s Secret brings a wide variety of intimate apparel, as well as streetwear, shoes and even bath products. At [ENCLOSED], we focus on doing one thing superbly well: panties. We source and provide superior product, customized for our discerning customers.

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Sexy vs. Concierge Customization

Victoria’s Secret aims to please a wide range of audiences; from their Pink brand targeting teens and tweens to their Angels on the runway for the male viewers. Victoria’s Secret is all about being sexy, and little else. [ENCLOSED] tailors every gift to the specific requests of the customer. We even take special requests and offer a concierge telephone line for those that need a little help choosing the right lingerie gift. 

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Cheap vs. Value

[ENCLOSED] is not cheap, it is in fact a better value than what you find at Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret spends millions on advertising, promotion and stores. Frankly, what you get for your money is mediocre quality at best. With [ENCLOSED] you get premium quality lingerie that while not cheap, is at least a good value. Lingerie is hardly a necessity, but as luxury products go, [ENCLOSED] actually offers a better value than what you get from Victoria’s Secret. 

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Everyday vs. A Luxury Gift

[ENCLOSED] is made to be gifted. It was designed to help men and women find extraordinary, gifts that would be memorable. While you can give someone Victoria’s Secret lingerie, that’s just not what it’s designed for. [ENCLOSED] comes already wrapped, personalized by the gift giver to her exact specifications.

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Victoria’s Secret: Trailblazing Lingerie

At [ENCLOSED], we owe a huge debt to Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret’s Angels and bras brought lingerie into the mainstream. No longer only available in small, metropolitan boutiques, Victoria’s Secret brought lingerie to the masses. But what we are doing with [ENCLOSED] is swinging the pendulum back in the other direction, away from mass-market and back to the time of quality sexy lingerie.

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