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The Ultimate Travel Gift For Your Wife

Going on a trip to a far away land? Or taking a stay-cation and need a little pick me up? Missing your wife as you travel for work? Or perhaps in a long distance relationship? We have a lavish, sexy gift to celebrate your travels with your wife.

Surprise Your Wife With A Decadent Travel Gift

While you’re packing the bags for your next vacation, tuck an exciting sexy travel gift for your wife into your suitcase. Fit for any occasion, our travel panties make a perfect gift that , ultimately, you will both enjoy. Comfy for traveling the globe with your wife, our sexy travel gift panties come in multiple cuts and are sure to make your trip into a vacation to remember.
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Luxe Honeymoon: Travel Gift Wife

Embarking on your honeymoon? Why not celebrate the sexy time you two are going to spend alone with a gift of a pair of travel gift lingerie panties. Have the wife put them on when you’re back home and you two can reminisce about the romantic honeymoon getaway.

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Remember Your Trip In Months To Come

After the trip, the travel gift lingerie panties will keep coming to excite your wife in upcoming months. Each month that follows will be subject to an thrilling, beautiful pair of luxury panties that will bring back memories of your wonderful trip, a gift in itself.

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Traveling Far Away From Her?

Whether you are the one traveling or she is on the road, our lingerie travel gift is a wonderful way of creating connection across the miles. Celebrate her new experiences or your new experiences with these fun pairs. Because our travel gift comes month after month, you sustain the connection and are reminded of each other for months to come. Our long distance lingerie gifts are a great idea, too. . .

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A Travel Gift Package For Your Wife

Every month of [ENCLOSED] comes packaged in our classic hard-sided keepsake box that features a color-matched grosgrain ribbon. Upon opening the box, your wife will find a bed of eco-friendly freeze-dried flower petals. We even include a note that tells her how much she means to you and and can be about your travels together and remind her of your trip.

Notes We've Seen In Our Travels:

Can't wait to meet up with you on our trip. How is this for a travel gift, my wife?

Thinking of you in these from far away. Miss you and can't wait to see you after this trip.

My love, I can't wait for our month away together. A travel gift for the most amazing wife.

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