Top Luxury Lingerie Brands [ENCLOSED]

Every month we select from a range of luxurious, elegant lingerie options sourced from around the world, featuring brands from France, Italy, the UK, as well as leading innovative American designers from the northern and southern hemispheres. All our robes, teddies, bra sets, rompers, nighties and of course, panties, are made of the finest materials—lace from Calais, France, silk from China—and while we consider these “date night” or special occasion panties, they are always comfortable and flattering.

Our knickers and lingerie range from the innocent and sweet to down-and-slightly-dirty, while always remaining classy. The following is a bit on some of the top designers we feature . . .

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Luxury Lingerie Brands We Carry

As true lingerie experts, we have worn and bought literally more than a hundred different lingerie brands. A few names that  you may be familiar with that we carry are Lou Paris, Maison Lejaby, Clo Intimo, Millesia, Curvy Kate, Sapph, Eberjey and many, many more.

A few other brands we offer include Shell Belle Couture, Jenna Leigh, Love Claudette, Dollhouse Bettie, Pimp My Pants, Madame Supertrash, Jane Woolrich, Linda Hartman and Bluebella. Note, if you are looking for a brand like Hanky Panky, we don't sell Hanky Panky, but we do have similarly comfortable styles. Just select "Everday Luxe" during checkout. Moreover, if you want to learn how we compare to Victoria's Secret, in a word, our designers have far superior quality, innovation, and yes, sexiness.

Our knickers range from the innocent and sweet to down-and-slightly-dirty, while always remaining classy. The following is a bit on some of the top designers we feature . . .

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Australian Luxury Lingerie Brand: KissKill

We are literally obsessed with KissKill. Brought from Melbourne, Australia, Kisskill was designed and founded in 2013 by Jane Carrodus. Carrodus loves to design feminine pieces of the best fabrics while still taking risks in her sexy panties. The brand represents two concepts: kiss represents the sexuality and soft side of being a woman, while kill represents the strong, dominant side. Each piece is captivating and glamorous, with dark hues and embellishments.

More on the ever-awesome KissKill . . .

studded KissKill thong

Classically Chic: L'Agent By Agent Provocateur

Update: L'Agent by Agent Provacateur has closed down. However, we have a few styles still in stock, so feel free to make a special request. 

Using the expert craftsmanship and beautiful fabrics from Agent Provacateur, Penélope and Mónica Cruz create youthful lingerie in a range of colors and patterns. With the sex appeal of the cruise sisters, the styles are undeniably gorgeous and decadent. Chic styles and colors matched with animal prints, silk ribbons, or feminine frills, L'Agent by Agent Provacateur have won our hearts once again.

For more on L'Agent By Agent Provocateur, read on . . . 

lace black L'Agent By Agent Provocateur panty

Decadent French Lingerie: Millesia

Based in Lyon, a city whose rich history of corsetry development dates from the 16th century, Millesia is the quintessential French lingerie brand. True to their heritage, the designers view their product like wine: they aim to bring a new, unique flavor to market every season.
gold thong By lingerie brand Millesia

Edgy Darkness: Maison Close

With Maison Close, we venture into a decidedly French approach to seduction. The brand plays with the notions of secrecy and revelation. While never overtly showy, there is just a hint of naughtiness in these refined knickers, while other pairs are downright racy. Many of our "Clandestine" selections are by Maison Close lingerie.

For more detail on what we love about Maison close, explore our "Brand Spotlight" on Maison Close . . .

Maison close harness thong panty

Sinfully Sweet Luxury Lingerie: Mimi Holliday

Designed by well-known fashion designer Damaris Evans, British brand Mimi Holliday launched in early 2003, offering charming, sweet, fun and sexy lingerie. Feminine and whimsical, their pieces come in ice-cream shades and polka dot prints, often with tulle but always with the purest silk. Before Mimi Holliday, bows on the back of panties was unseen; my oh my what an impact they’ve had!  

For more detail on what we love about Maison close, explore our "Brand Spotlight" on Mimi Holliday . . .

bow backed Mimi Holliday brand panty

Delicate Glamour: Salua

Handcrafted in a workshop in Santa Marta, Colombia, Salua panties are delicate and beautiful. Begun by the current owner’s mother, Salua has been around since 1993, creating elegant pieces for the feminine woman. As a brand, Salua seeks “to inspire romanticism and embody a sense of vintage glamour.” Remaking classic styles with new touches, these comfy, cotton panties are light, delicate and lovely, sure to make any wearer feel beautiful.  
white lace front Salua panty

Aima Dora

From the island nation of Mauritius just off the southeast coast of Africa, we bring you Aima Dora. Fusing French traditional lingerie know-how with tropical panache, we arethrilled to introduce this brand to the United States, and you, our most lovely customer.

More on Aima Dora's responsibly sourced, beautifully made lingerie

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Colorful And Comfortable: Beautiful Bottoms

Launched in 2009 in Britain by two friends, Beautiful Bottoms seeks to create lingerie that is beautiful, comfortable and affordable. Using understated chiffon, fun prints and delightful detail work, their styles are chic, eclectic and eye-catching. The founders describe the panties as “simple yet striking, there is little fuss so they feel contemporary whilst also being very timeless and chic. [We] want women to feel a sense of everyday special when they wear Beautiful Bottoms.” Balancing the essences of a busy city girl with an English seaside babe, the styles have a comfy feel to make any woman feel beautiful all day.

Update, Beautiful Bottoms rebranded itself Asceno.

lavender sheer panty by beautiful bottoms

UK Luxury Lingerie Brand: Dirty Pretty Things

Former lingerie model Claire Merry launched Dirty Pretty Things in 2009, with the belief that “if you are wearing sensational lingerie you have kick-started a positive day.” Each collection has a “dirty” side, as well as a “pretty” side, to encompass the moods that a woman might feel on any particular day. With styles made with in-house prints, and intriguing textures, the brand empitomizes London’s urban, fast-paced and exciting nature, according to Merry. In the future, Merry hopes to blur the line between lingerie and ready-to-wear fashion with her exciting and innovative styles. Update, Dirty Pretty Things is no longer in business. 
gold lace black silk Dirty Pretty Things panty