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She smiles with anticipation upon seeing the dark purple [ENCLOSED] gift box. Then, she gasps with joy at not only the beauty of the piece inside, but also with appreciation for the thought that went into this gift. Yet the experience is not over; together the couple anticipates the fun in the months to come, reveling in the variety of the surprises.

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“Blown Away By The Quality” *

The simple truth is, for most women, the lingerie she receives from Enclosed is the nicest lingerie she has ever worn. We hear over and over, “the quality of this piece is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

* Our customers do the best job of articulating the joy of the Enclosed experience. We invite you to take a look at what a few of the tens of thousands of men and women have said about us . . .

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An Experience That Makes Women Feel Beautiful

The end goal of our [ENCLOSED] experience is to make women feel beautiful—inside and out—knowing she is loved and adored. While lingerie and other feminine gifts are merely objects, we believe the demonstration of adoration can build a woman’s confidence. And when the woman feels beautiful and confident, the couple can revel in her joy.

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You, The Gift-Giver, Are The Hero

We designed [ENCLOSED] specially with the gift-giving man in mind. Our entire job is to make you look good and help you demonstrate your love and desire. You get to be the hero and take credit for the fine gifts and decadent packaging, as well as the thought behind the gift.

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An Experience For The Couple

Enclosed helps you cultivate your relationship. Just as marriage is not ultimately about the wedding day, so too Enclosed helps you nurture your connection and enjoy your time together month after month. Together you can anticipate what the next Enclosed delivery will bring, knowing that it is treat for both of you. Enclosed is a surprise every time, so both people get to enjoy the act of opening the box, and uncovering the gift that lies inside.

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