Sweetest Day Gift Idea: Luxe Lingerie & Candy

Need a new idea for Sweetest Day? Chocolates and candies are a start. But if you want a unique, personal, and romantic sweetest day gift for her, get her a pair of luxury designer panties from [ENCLOSED]. Delivered in a keepsake box surrounded by candy . . .

sweetest day gift idea box lingerie

Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest: Sweetest Day Gift Idea for Her (Best Friend, Girlfriend, Wife)

The ladies here at [ENCLOSED] are suckers for lingerie and beautiful packaging, and [ENCLOSED] have a knack for the Sweetest Day gift ideas for her that women love. Here’s an idea: take our advice and send your girlfriend, wife, or best friend a pair of sweet and luxurious knickers—we will deliver it to her door in a beautiful packaging and your personalized note.

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How Sweet: Personalized Sweetest Gift Idea for Her

Think of [ENCLOSED] as a subscription service that brings luxurious panties from all around the world to her. We guide you through a few simple questions offering guidance and decades of panty-expertise. You can choose from one, three, six, and twelve month packages, and we deliver a pair of knickers in a keepsake box, with special Sweetest Day candy, and a personalized message.

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