Sweetest Day Gift Idea: Luxe Lingerie & Candy

Need a new idea for Sweetest Day? Chocolates and candies are a start. But if you want a unique, personal, and romantic sweetest day gift for her, get her a pair of luxury designer panties from [ENCLOSED]. Delivered in a keepsake box surrounded by candy . . .

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Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest: Sweetest Day Gift Idea for Her (Best Friend, Girlfriend, Wife)

The ladies here at [ENCLOSED] are suckers for lingerie and beautiful packaging, and [ENCLOSED] have a knack for the Sweetest Day gift ideas for her that women love. Here’s an idea: take our advice and send your girlfriend, wife, or best friend lingerie or a pair of sweet and luxurious knickers—we will deliver it to her door in a beautiful packaging and your personalized note.

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How Sweet: Personalized Sweetest Gift Idea for Her

Think of [ENCLOSED] as a subscription service that brings luxurious panties from all around the world to her. We guide you through a few simple questions offering guidance and decades of panty-expertise. You can choose from one, three, six, and twelve month packages, and we deliver our lingerie in a keepsake box, with special Sweetest Day candy, and a personalized message.

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Lingerie: Better than Cards or Candy

Lingerie is the perfect Sweetest Day gift for her because it also happens to be one of the few gifts that keeps on giving month after month. While the enjoyment of candy or cards may be fleeting, [ENCLOSED] allows her to indulge in luxurious lingerie, year-around.

Sheer Bowed Knicker