Worldwide Shipping: Gifts of Love & Lingerie Around The Globe

We ship to most countries via USPS and FedEx (and their shipping parters.) Your lingerie is customized to your specifications, packaged in our luxury gift box and  shipped from South San Francisco usually within 24 hours. Subsequent months go out about one month later.

To-date we’ve shipped to* Canada, Australia, the UK, Japan, France, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, Brazil, Columbia, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, and so, so many more places. If you are unsure, drop us a line and we’ll let you know if we can send to you.

* Listed in no particular order, as we love all our dear customers!

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Elegant, Yes Eco-Friendly Packaging

We’ve been committed to the environment since we started. While our custom deep purple boxes look deluxe, they are actually made of over 85% post consumer materials. The flower-petals are of course as green as mother nature.

In addition to our luxury packaging, we offer a streamlined eco-friendly packaging option whereby the gifts come wrapped in tissue paper within simple water-proof mailers. All oversized items such as pajama sets and robes are shipped in our eco packaging.

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Shipping Times

Packages to Canada, the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia typically take 5-10 days. This is largely dependent upon customs. Note, boxes sent to New Zealand and Australia are sent without the rose petals due to customs restrictions.

Packages to Central and South America often take two to three weeks, but it is quite variable. For instance, packages to Mexico usually take more than two weeks while packages to Brazil take one week.

Due to the pandemic, increased costs and delays in worldwide shipping mean that after the first month, all international shipments will go out in our streamlined eco packaging.

Shipping Within The USA

Please note, due the pandemic and related supply chain disruption, shipping times are currently somewhat erratic. The following are our estimates.

Orders to the West Coast will arrive in approximately 2-5 business days. Orders shipped to the East Coast arrive in approximately 4-8 days. Boxes shipped to all other states usually arrive in 3-7 days. Please allow a few extra days for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii.

For expedited shipping, you may select Fedex Overnight or FedEx Two Day. All shipments after the first month are sent via USPS.

Packages sent to US Military around the globe are not considered international shipping and usually take less than ten days. Further, these shipments are not subject to international pricing.

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