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Lingerie is the Sexiest Gift

More than anything, a sexy gift shows the woman (your wife, girlfriend, friend or lover) that you are thinking of her. Giving a gift to a woman, particularly a sexy gift, is a gesture that keeps relationships exciting. Surprising a woman with an underwear club means that you were thinking of her and she didn’t know it. It shows that she is on your mind and that she is important to you.

A Unique & Sexy Gift For Your Wife Or Girlfriend

Whether it’s a bikini with a sheer back or a tiny g-string to show off her backside, our lingerie is sexy yet tasteful. You can view our panty cuts or our featured to pick the perfect style that emphasizes her unique sexy style. All of our panties and styles are sexy; we choose the most flattering and beautiful undies from around the world.

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Enclosed Is A Sexy And Thoughtful Gift

[ENCLOSED] is an of the month subscription service that brings luxury knickers from around the world. Think of [ENCLOSED] as your personal concierge panty shoppers. We guide you through a few simple questions offering guidance and decades of panty-expertise. When you give [ENCLOSED] to her, whether it is for one month or a year we choose from a range of luxurious, elegant panties. While sexy and fun, the panties are never vulgar. You’ll be able to select the panty style that you want to send her, as well as indicate her size.

Clandestine: Our Super Sexy Racy Lingerie

For those that want something even racier than our sexy g-strings, thongs, boyshorts and bikinis, we recommend our Clandestine Panties. Be wary! These panties are oh so sexy and dare we say, naughty. While still ultra-luxe, our clandestine panties are sure to spice up any evening. Take a peak here at our ultra sexy panties here . . .




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Customizing Your Sexy Panty Gift

Need a little help with customizing your gift? Perhaps you know that she adores lace—just let us know and we’ll further customize her gift to suit and make the time you spend apart feel shorter. You can have the [ENCLOSED] box sent directly to you to present the gift to her in person ( a super sexy act!) after a special dinner, or have it sent to her. She'll be so touched by your romantic gift and excited to show you how she looks.

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Sexy Gifts For Every Occasion

Panties are the perfect gift for so many occasions. Is it your anniversary? Make her feel special in a new pair of panties on the night of and for the months to come. How about her birthday? Remind her how great you think she is with a gift that goes on past the day of. Is she pregnant? Show her she can still feel sexy with our pregnancy panties. No matter the occasion, sexy gifts are always a great choice.

Sweet Words To Accompany Your Sexy Gift

In your gift box, we'll include a personalized love note telling her how much you miss her. If you need some help, we have suggestions. (Some of these were actually written by other customers. We withheld their name's for privacy.)

Don’t put these on until we’re back together.

Imagining you in these sexy panties got me through my day.

A gift to let you know that you’re always on my mind. Enjoy them, my beautiful lady.




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