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San Francisco's Largest Lingerie Store . . .

[ENCLOSED] has the largest selection of nighties, panties, bras, garter sets and yes, even rather kinky options in the entire bay area. While our storefront is closed, our concierge services are available to help you with your lingerie gift needs.

To make a phone appointment to discuss your lingerie gift needs, call 800.653.2970 or email us.

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Bay Area Delivery From Our San Francisco Lingerie Store . . .

Our San Francisco lingeire store is located on the South side of the city. But we can also deliver throughout San Francisco and the Bay area usually within 24 hours. Better than sending flowers from a San Franciscan florist, or an Edible Arrangement (groan). Our lingerie comes wrapped in real flower petals and [ENCLOSED] within a hard-sided keepsake box, ready to give or keep.

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What The SF Locals Have To Say: Reviews & Testimonials

I love their stuff because it's not too precious, and not trashy. It's the perfect balance of stylish and sexy. Packaging is delightful to open. Great gift.
-Lauren B., San Francisco, CA

My wife loved the surprise that she received in the mail, she even loved the packaging that it came in. Top notch experience from the site design to the package opening! Thank you.
-Oleg, San Francisco, CA

Wow. Just blown away by the product, the packaging and the experience all together. The fit of the panties was spot on. Since I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to picking the size of a woman's undergarments, I was overwhelmed. But seeing them on her, I was elated with the way they fit. Not that the purchase was solely for me, but she loves them enough not to want them regularly for fear of wearing them out. She's pumped. I'm pumped that she's pumped. I think you have a great product/sub service here. Women who have a little bit more income can treat themselves on an regular basis, and the rest of us can spoil our SOs with a gift that can last for a long time.
-Sean, San Francisco, CA

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