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Romantic Gift Ideas

More than anything, a romantic gift shows the woman (your wife, girlfriend, friend or lover) that you are thinking of her. Giving a gift to a woman represents your commitment to her and is a gesture that keeps relationships exciting. Surprising a woman means that you were thinking of her and she didn’t know it. It shows that she is on your mind and that she is important to you.

A Unique And Romantic Gift For Your Wife

It is crucial that you give her something unique, not cliché to show her that she is one of a kind. At [ENCLOSED], we are a team of women who hand-select tasteful yet sexy panties for each customer based on a preference quiz. We choose from the highest-end and edgiest designers from across the globe to give you panties that will be comfortable and make her feel like a queen.


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Lingerie: A Gift For A Special Occasion . . . Or Just Because

Unlike a piece of jewelry to wear every day, lingerie is worn on a special occasion and is such a treat. Lingerie is as much a gift to the recipient as it is to the giver—it’s something that you can enjoy with her, a symbol of the intimacy of your relationship and is in that way perhaps the most romantic gift for your wife or girlfriend. [ENCLOSED] is the only lingerie concierge service that helps you make her feel special.

Our Guarantee

We have a size guarantee so rest-assured your gift will look great on her. If the underwear does not fit, let us know, and we’ll make it right. Our team has decades of lingerie experience and we send you the highest quality lingerie available.

Enclosed: Flowers AND Lingerie

Did you know? Our panties come in a bed of real freeze-dried flower petals, so you don’t have to worry about grabbing a bouquet.



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Enclosed: Flowers AND Lingerie

Did you know? Our panties come in a bed of real freeze-dried flower petals, so you don’t have to worry about grabbing a bouquet.

No Awkward Trips To The Lingerie Store

[ENCLOSED] gives her the incredibly romantic gift of lingerie, but prevents you from having to go into a lingerie store and feel uncomfortable. [ENCLOSED] also prevents you from making the dreaded error of mistaking your girlfriend or wife’s size and offending her, and from picking something that is too racy for her.

Enclosed Is The Most Romantic Gift Idea For Your Wife

Thoughtful, beautifully packaged romantic gifts are far and few between. enclosed is the real deal. my wife loves everything they curate and and the packaging is perfect. it doesn't hurt that i happen to like the gifts too!
-Jascha K., San Francisco, CA

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Classic, Romantic Gifts: Jewelry, Flowers And Lingerie

Traditionally, the three most romantic gifts for your wife or girlfriend are jewelry, flowers and lingerie. With the idea of jewelry and lingerie, there’s a strong element of surprise. Whether the gift is enclosed in a large box or a small box, beneath tissue paper or tied up in a fluffy bow, she doesn’t know what will be beneath the lid.

Jewelry: Romance In A Small Gift Box

Jewelry can be a lovely, classic gift and is usually the first idea that comes to mind when giving a gift to a wife or girlfriend. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings—delicate delights that highlight her glow. With so many options on the market, there is sure to be a piece of jewelry out there somewhere that she’ll love. From glistening metals and colorful jewels, jewelry is a romantic gift idea fit for every price point.


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Flowers: A Fragrant And Sweet Romantic Gift Idea

Flowers are a romantic gift idea for your wife or girlfriend that are simple, sweet smelling and always sure to delight. Fragrant and delicate, floral bouquets are the classically perfect accompaniment to any romantic gift idea. But, they don’t stand alone. While they are the ideal complement to another romantic gift, it is important to the gift a longstanding romantic present that will be exceed the life of those darling buds.

Lingerie: The Most Romantic Gift For Your Wife

Well, we are biased, but we are the lingerie pros. Lingerie can be harder than jewelry to choose but, when done right, it’s the romantic gift that shows her how beautiful you think she is. With [ENCLOSED] there’s no risk because of our size guarantee. You don’t have to worry that maybe the gift will seem selfish because lingerie isn’t a selfish gift; while you get to enjoy it, lingerie is a romantic gift because it shows her how beautiful you think her shape is.

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