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"Favorite gifts he's ever given me!"

The gifts my husband got me from [Enclosed] are my favorite gifts he’s ever given me! I felt so pampered each month when my box arrived. Thank you for creating this opportunity!

—Joye & Stuart, Middlesex, NC

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"Best gift a girl could ask for"

The best gift a girl could ask for 😉 great service, supreme quality and outstanding variety!

—Delia Sibilla, Five Star Review Via Facebook

My husband Michael sent me the three month subscription for our 8 yr Anniversary. ENCLOSED really makes you feel special. I am really looking forward to seeing what the next 2 packages hold! Thank you for providing an awesome experience to your customers!!

—Cindy & Michael, Beallsville, OH

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"My wife loved what was inside!"

You guys are great! From the REAL flower petals, to the notes, and the box itself, all the details were nice and my wife loved what was inside! I am looking forward to what comes next. I also like the items for special occasions and date nights. Look forward to my next order for my lovely wife! A happy 1st timer,

—Jake, Greeley, CO

"The wife loves the monthly surprise."

The wife loves the monthly surprise. She has instructed me to do this every year. Awesome things every time and the wife loves them.

—Brian Kelley, review via Facebook

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"Pure joy in my life"

I just renewed my wife’s subscription for a second year . . . and not renewing would be like saying I’m not interested in having pure joy in my life! Thanks for what you do and doing it so well!

—David T., Nova Scotia, Canada

"Makes you feel sexy in your mind"

Enclosed never fails to bring a smile to my face. I love getting your packages. Anything that makes you feel sexy in your mind, even before you open the box, is a really GOOD thing.

—Morgan, Buellton, CA

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"I absolutely LOVE my knickers."

I absolutely LOVE my knickers. Every opening is exciting . . . Sometimes I don’t wait to get home. I actually open at my desk!

—Paula R., NorthPort, AL

"A present every month for just being me."

My husband bought this for me as a gift last year and I just want you to know that I love them and so does he. I get so excited when I see the box – it is like a present every month for just being me.

—Tory & John, Bossier City, LA

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It makes my lovely wife’s month when those boxes arrive. #SubscribersForLife!

—George R.,Brownsburg, Indiana

"Thanks for making my love feel so special!" - US Marine

I utilized your service when I was a US Marine deployed to Afghanistan. As she received the packages each month in my absence, she felt as if they were prepared by me especially for her. You did a wonderful job, thanks for making my love feel so special!

—Jordan, Seattle, WA

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"Incredible and sexy. Highly recommended"

I bought for myself….because I deserve it. Got my first panty today and it is incredible and sexy. Highly recommend to couples and girls who buy their own lingerie.

—Wendy Brown, Pearland, TX

"Better than our terrific vacation!"

We just returned from vacation today and my wife found [ENCLOSED] in the mail. I’m thinking that our first night back may be better than our terrific vacation!

—David T., Novia Scotia, Canada

Better Than Vacation Review

"A gift that keeps giving"

I love that it’s a gift that keeps giving . . . on so many levels!

—Claudia S., Ontario, Canada

"Very classy, stylish, and chic"

I find the lingerie to be elegant, well-made, and comfortable. Now that could be said about products from other companies, too, but what sets Enclosed apart from its competitors is that the items are very classy, stylish, and chic; it’s like a treat and when you put it on it the morning you feel like a thousand bucks! Now that’s a great start to a productive day for me!
I love receiving my monthly Enclosed gifts so much, and they can keep on coming!
—Liz Schima-Pedersen via Facebook
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"They make her feel sexy"

The “knickers” you chose arrived in time for the holiday weekend and I must say that they were a great big hit all the way around. As I remarked to my significant other, if budget ever becomes a factor, cable TV is out and The Enclosed stays in. She (my fiance’) says that your products are a cut above the usual adult lingerie and they make her feel sexy, which we all understand to be the most important element. The rose petals and the packaging don’t hurt, either.

—Paul W., Cary, NC

"The best gift ever"

My husband gave me a year of [ENCLOSED] panties as a wedding gift and he had to renew for a second year because it has been the best gift ever!

—Delia S., Iowa City, IA

Bridal gift renew best gift ever

"Enclosed is just a a higher quality product" (than Victoria's Secret)

The quality was great! Every pair I got was just fantastic. Compared to Victoria’s Secret, these were much higher quality and had far more attention to detail. Enclosed is just a a higher quality product – a higher level service, gorgeous packing, quality product – that keeps customers coming back.

—Melanie P., The Hills, Texas