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Subscription Box Reviews of [ENCLOSED]


Chrissy's Critiques Review

By Chrissy Gordon, February 10, 2016. Men! Do you spend hours in department stores looking for the right panties for your loved ones Birthday or Anniversary? Well, look no further, with Enclosed, all you need is to pick the preferred styles, colors, cut and Enclosed will get you exactly what your lady likes and needs. What woman wouldn’t want to open a gift like this?!

The Enclosed: Because Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Ugly Knickers

By Erica Jagger, May 14, 2015. The only thing better than a new piece of lingerie is a new piece of lingerie that’s delivered to your door — in an elegant black box filled with rose petals — every month.


Closet Samples Reviews [Enclosed]

By Ashley Drewes, March 31, 2015. Seriously, I felt like I was getting the royal treatment – by getting panties!! . . . The panties not only looked sexy and cute, but they felt soft and were comfortable to wear. . . . [Enclosed] honestly would be a great surprise gift for a girlfriend, wife, etc.

Leather and Lace Advice: The world’s most luxe lingerie club? Yes, and it’s a good one!

By Alison Blackman, March 18, 2015. A gift from ENCLOSED would make a great gift for a bride-to-be, or that friend who has been down in the dumps, or perhaps, for someone’s special birthday. . . it’s a lot less than monthly, long stemmed roses, not to mention more novel and it is a gift that lasts.

Leather and Lace Advice Review

Chrissy's Critiques Reviews [Enclosed]

By Chrissy Gordon, March 17, 2015. Men! Do you have a special occasion coming up with your lady? Maybe an Anniversary, a Birthday perhaps? Well, look no further than Enclosed for the perfect gift. They have those categories all ready for you and even an Apology section in case you are in the doghouse. What woman wouldn’t want to open a gift like this?!

Hello Subscription: [Enclosed] Luxury Panties Review

February 2015. This one is great for a gift because the packaging is super luxe . . . I love boxes like this. It’s really like a present. . . If you are a lingerie aficionado this would make a great box – it would also make a fun & sexy gift!
hello subscription review

The Succulent Wife: Intimates-of-the-Month Clubs – For Him and Her

January 2015. Do you want to add a bit of amore to your relationship? With these intimates-of-the-month subscription services, you could receive – or send- a sexy pair of underwear, model them and enjoy the rest of the evening, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
Succulent Wife Valentine Gift Guide

Pique in the Box: A website all about receiving amazing packages in the mail!

January 12, 2015. Enclosed — without a doubt — is the most premium, luxurious women’s panty subscription out there. It’s just as much about receiving an extravagant gift for yourself as it is about sending an elegant gift to a loved one — once a month or for special occasions. . . . I absolutely LOVE my new pair of sexy panties! Yes, this is a luxury — but a luxury that is well worth it! I felt like I was opening the most beautiful, thoughtful, opulent gift.
Pique in the box Gift Guide
Boxes For Days - What Does The Box Say? October 23, 2014. It’s basically like having your own lingerie stylist! . . . They also have some pretty special lingerie for those who are more adventurous. . . . I think this is a great way to gain exposure to all sorts of lingerie brands and styles that you may otherwise never encounter. [/enc_content_row]

The Subscription Box Lady On Enclosed

June 2014.Enclosed is a monthly luxury panty subscription. . . . Not only are the knickers different every month, but the flower petals change to reflect the seasons.. 
Subscription Box Lady review

My Subscription Addiction: Subscription Box Review

September 2014, on My Subscription Addiction. Verdict: I’m impressed with the quality of both the underwear and the packaging from Enclosed. You can tell that Enclosed puts effort into making this a great subscription for gifting. 

Subscription Addiction review

The Frisky: Panty Club [ENCLOSED] Revives Your Lingerie Drawer

September 23, 2014, Jessica Wakeman on The Frisky. There’s Julep for nail polish and BirchBox for beauty goodies . . . [Enclosed] is an easy way to freshen up your lingerie drawer — and get a sexy visit from the mailman once a month. 

The Frisky review