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A Trendspotter's Virtual Notepad: 2015's Products, Business Models And Apps

December 30, 2014. By Marian Salzman on New business models are showing up everywhere (even when their products are generally hidden): Enclosed is a luxury subscription service for women’s underwear that both delights subscribers and allows luxury brands like Agent Provocateur, Eberjey and Maison Close to test and bring products to market.

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Low Traffic, High Hopes: How to Help Your Website When Data Is Scarce

By Ben Landers, July 23, 2015. Our founder Antonia Townsend believes customers are the lifeblood of any good company. She advises, “Solicit feedback from existing customers. The edge any small business has is the ability to truly listen to its customers," says Antonia Townsend, founder of Enclosed, an online shopping and gift site. “Data, spreadsheets and statistical accuracy are amazing, but hearing a customer's tone of voice when they speak about their needs and/or your product offerings brings invaluable color and clarity to refining and growing your offering.”

american express interview 12 Easy Ways To Lose Your eEcommerce Customers

By Jennifer Lonoff Schiff, May 7, 2015. “A top way ecommerce companies lose customers is through poor quality and high quantity email campaigns,” says Antonia Townsend, the founder & chief knicker officer at Enclosed, a luxury lingerie subscription club. “Every single email needs to be enjoyable and deliver value to the reader . . . That’s why Enclosed sends one ‘Knickergram’ email per month, genuinely striving to give our email recipients a beautiful, classy and value-added interaction each and every time. As a result, our Knickergram's open rates are twenty times industry norms.”

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Columbia Business School Entrepreneurs A To Z: Little Luxuries

October 9, 2014, by Amanda Chalifoux and Simone Silverbush for Columbia Businesses School's Hermes. Little Luxuries: Sometimes the smallest, most private extravagances feel the most luxurious. . . . For those who want to give someone a little luxury every month, there’s Enclosed, a knicker–of–the–month club from Antonia Townsend ’99. “I created a gift that not only makes a woman’s eyes light up, but also provides the giver with confidence that they are giving something utterly different,” Townsend says. 
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Nextshark "New Startup Aims To Spice Up Gift-Giving With Sexy Lingerie"

January 13, 2014, by Benny Luo. When guys think of getting gifts for their girlfriends or wives, we generally think about the usual stuff like jewelry and flowers. What woman wouldn’t love that right? (ok, overgeneralization, sorry!) . . . We recently had the chance to catch up with Enclosed founder Antonia Townsend over the phone. Here, we discuss how she developed her startup and why men should start giving lingerie as gifts.

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When It Comes To Marketing And Advertising Not Just Any Visual Will Do

July 1, 2014, Steve Olenski on Forbes.[Enclosed] offers a panty gifting service that targets an audience who feels uncertain in their ability to select gifts, let alone lingerie, for their significant other. The company’s website eases this anxiety by taking on the majority of the selection task, by walking the gifter through a simple personalization process, and by offering a phone number where a concierge service offers guidance. . . . Indeed, Enclosed does this, asking shoppers to imagine the jewelry gifts they have given in the past. 

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70 Startup Women Show Us What They Wear To Work

August 4, 2014, Ronald Barba on Tech Cocktail.Here’s what 70 startup women have to say about “startup attire” . . . I simply won’t sell knickers that I don’t personally believe to be comfortable, gorgeous and flattering. – Antonia Townsend, Founder of [Enclosed]. 
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San Francisco Business Times: Ritz Carlton And Lingerie Service Offer $1,500 Date Night

October 3, 2014, by Annie Sciacca on Bay Area BizTalk. Enclosed, a subscription-based lingerie delivery service wants to bring people together for uninterrupted romance . . . The packages can include a range of extras: butler service, dinner, a hotel room and lingerie, of course. 
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19 Entrepreneurs Share What Hours They Work

August 13, 2014, Kira M. Newman on Tech Cocktail. But what hours do entrepreneurs really work? . . . "I typically work 8 am to 5 pm, at which point I take a break to play with my pup outdoors. Somewhere between 6 and 10 I usually put in another hour or two, but it’s usually the more mindless activities like organizing merchandise (which I rather enjoy).” - Antonia Townsend, founder of Enclosed 

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