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Alluring Pregnancy Panties

Pregnancy need not be all about stretch marks and sore breasts. Pregnancy can be sexy! Celebrate the changes with passion and fun; new knickers for every new month. With [ENCLOSED] you get a new pair of decadent panties in the cut of your choice, every month for one month, three months, six months or a year. The selection is customized to your taste and your fit, and can even be adjusted to your changing body month-to-month.

Our knickers range from the innocent and sweet to down-and-slightly-dirty, while always remaining classy. This is high-end lingerie from the world's top designers. We source largely from France, Italy, the UK as well as a few elite North and South American designers.

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Uncompromising Beauty While Expecting

Lace, silk, ribbon and style can and should be party of your lingerie wardrobe, even when you are pregnant. Our knickers are not maternity knickers. No heavy built-in panels, no industrial-strength lycra. But these panties are not for every day. Wear what is comfortable by day, but keep things fun by mixing it up on date night, or simply when you are in the mood.

Perhaps order our Season of Luxe; three months of unforgettable panties for the months of your first or second trimester. Review all the options from one month to a full year here. But certainly don't jump in and buy without reviewing our choice selection of knickers. Feel free to indicate a specific pair that particularly appeals to you, and we'll send that panty or a similar one for your first month. 

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Uncompromising Pregnancy Comfort

While not all our knickers are for pregnant women, some do fit beautifully and comfortably with your changing body. No, a high-leg waist cinching tanga is not going to work for the pregnant shape, but soft, stretchy refined lace across the hips may just be the treat she needs. While many are surprised by this, we actually recommend g-strings, thongs and tangas over the more covering briefs for women who are pregnant. Why? Quite frankly, if your body is expanding, these styles are the most forgiving and allow for the greatest breadth of fit.  
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Getting The Size & Fit Right

When placing your order with [ENCLOSED], be sure to tell us that you or she is pregnant so we can tailor the knicker selection appropriately. You will be prompted to add any "special requests". Please fill in as much information as possible including how many weeks or months pregnant she is and/or her due date, and your estimate of her current size. We only need extra-small, small, medium, large or extra-large; no need to find her dress size. If you are ordering for yourself, please give the details of your pre-pregnancy dress or pants size, as well as what you are wearing today.

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A Wonderful Baby Shower Gift!

If you are thinking of baby showers, keep one other thing in mind. Does she really need another onsie? What an expectant or new mother really wants is to feel pretty and pampered. Panties to the rescue! P.S. Need a gift for the expectant dad? He'll love panties for his baby momma. Or for other ideas, see our 17 of the BEST Subscription Gift Boxes gift ideas. 
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