Customer Praise For [ENCLOSED]'s Sexy Panty Gift

Looking for a sexy panty gift? [ENCLOSED]'s lingerie and panty subscriptions are unforgettable couple's experiences. Here is what actual men who have given this sexy panty gift and women who have received it have to say about the excitement their sexy panty gift subscription has brought.

"What a fabulous idea!" Say Jennifer About Her Sexy Panty Gift

Absolutely perfect. What a fabulous idea! This is the most thoughtful, romantic, sexy, loving gift that I could imagine.

-Jennifer, Carlsbad, California

perfect and sexy panties gift

"Well marketed, sexy and classy"

Well marketed, sexy and classy, well packaged - made receiving each pair a new event! It is pricey...but understandable after seeing the care and quality. Execution: timeliness and presentation were perfect

-Anonymous Gentleman, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania

"Highly recommend to couples"

I bought for myself....because I deserve it. Got my first panty today and it is incredible and sexy. Highly recommend to couples and girls who buy their own lingerie.

-Wendy Brown, Pearland, TX

sexy panties gift i deserve it

"Sexiest thing ever." Says David Of His Sexy Panty Present

This was my first time buying lingerie for my girlfriend, so I made a fun game out of it and had her go through the process with me. I learned a little more about her and hit a home run in the process. When she got the Enclosed box she called me from work to tell me she thought it was the coolest, sexiest thing ever.

-David, Indiana, Illinois

A Sexy Panties Gift for her: "Very 'guy proof' "

Unique product; A great way to make women feel sexy; Very "guy proof"

-Anonymous Gentleman, Overland Park, KS

"Takes the stress out of buying (sexy) lingerie."

Enclosed is great, the website is easy to use and takes the stress out of buying (sexy) lingerie. My wife was absolutely delighted by the gift... And so was I!

-Benoit, London, UK

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"I received the most gorgeous, sassy (sexy) knickers." 

Secret admirer sent for my birthday. Every month for three, I received the most gorgeous, sassy (sexy) knickers. Everything from the mailing carton, the interior packaging, the delicate lingerie bag and flower petals - and the panties - was perfect. ox

- Jennifer, Huntington, New York

"Your products are a cut above the usual adult lingerie"

The "knickers" you chose arrived in time for the holiday weekend and I must say that they were a great big hit all the way around. As I remarked to my significant other, if budget ever becomes a factor, cable TV is out and The Enclosed stays in. She (my fiance') says that your products are a cut above the usual adult lingerie and they make her feel sexy, which we all understand to be the most important element. The rose petals and the packaging don't hurt, either.

-Paul W., Cary, NC


"Beautiful, tasteful and sexy."

The knickers from Enclosed have been beautiful, tasteful and sexy. . . a clear home run. I was looking for something to give my girlfriend on a regular basis to make her feel special. The panties from Enclosed have been the perfect fit. 

While I had been slightly intimidated in the past about purchasing intimate apparel, Enclosed took all of the guess work out. First, the set up was extremely easy. All I had to do is answer a few questions about general size and style, and they took care of the rest. My girlfriend is thrilled with the quality, packaging and styles of the three months she has received so far. Each month she has something to look forward to, and I get to be the hero.

-David W., Indianapolis, IN via Yelp

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"Knicker Christmas every month."

Each month, my girlfriend and I look forward to receiving the next package from Enclosed. We are currently dating long distance and rely on care packages, social media and any other means available to hold onto the excitement and intimacy of our relationship. Whenever she visits, she brings along the blue box with the rose petals so we can open it together. It's sexy, we love it, and it's become a ritual. Knicker Christmas every month.

-Kris, Austin, Texas

"It was THE FIRST sexy undies that she has ever been given"

Got the undies ... and .... she loved them! I couldn't wait for her to get them for xmas. We had an amazing time together ... it was THE FIRST sexy undies that she has ever been given (did I mention she's a scientist)?

-Walter, Menlo Park, California


"Super sexy and totally comfortable!"

Super sexy and totally comfortable! New favorite pair of panties! The groom loves them too 😉 Now I'm kind of mad that I only signed up for 6 months & not the full year!!! Thank youuuuuuu!!!!.

-Kate, Chicago, Illinois

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"I'm thrilled with my customized selection"

What is [Enclosed] is certainly something special. Opening the lovely box containing the beautiful panties (surrounded by rose petals!) was a delightful experience. I'm thrilled with my customized selection - luxurious, well-fitting, perfect. My practical side loves that this sexy lace number has a cotton liner. Nicely detailed inside and out. Can't wait for next month!

-Monica L.,Washington, DC


I loved my first box. Beautiful quality! Classy AND sexy.

-Amanda W., Gilbert, Arizona

customer praise classy and sexy panties gift

"Pretty and Sexy" says Shelley Of Her Sexy Panty Gift

Great gift idea from my husband. I love the sexy panty styles. Very pretty and sexy.

-Shelley R, Hot Springs, Arkansas

"The perfect balance of stylish and sexy."

I love their stuff because it's not too precious, and not trashy. It's the perfect balance of stylish and sexy. Packaging is delightful to open. Great gift.

-Lauren B., San Francisco, California

"Each and every month I fall in love all over again"

[Enclosed] personifies sheer luxury, impeccable taste, and beautiful design. Each and every month I fall in love all over again with this sexy gift that never disappoints.

-Tara S., New York, New York


"Never fails to bring a smile to my face."

Enclosed never fails to bring a smile to my face. I love getting your packages. Anything that makes you feel sexy in your mind, even before you open the box, is a really GOOD thing.

-Morgan, Buellton, CA

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"Enclosed has made it so much easier – I cant make a mistake!"

Picking lingerie for my beautiful wife has always been a bit tricky. What I think is sexy isn't always what she likes. The Enclosed has made it so much easier – I cant make a mistake! The excitement of not knowing what’s inside that mysterious box each month is a gift for both of us. We’re filling an empty vase with all the rose petals.

-Mark, Morristown, New Jersey

"Enclosed makes everyday life feel more exciting!"

I love the description cards & surprises that have come in the packages. I have enjoyed the variety. I have not been disappointed yet! Enclosed makes everyday life feel more exciting! Knowing that I have spoiled myself makes me feel confident & sexy!

-Meagan, Frederick, Maryland

spoiled customer happy testimonial

I just love the products I've received in my enclosed shipments! What is better than sexy panties in the mail?

-Kristin "Sugar Buns"

"It's so fun to have the surprise each month."

My husband got me an Enclosed subscription for Valentine's Day--most amazing Valentine's gift ever! I've now received two boxes, and love both knickers. They're unique and sexy enough to be more than I would buy myself, but still practical enough that I want to wear them as everyday undies. And it's so fun to have the surprise each month. Men, go dig through your lady's underwear drawer to figure out what size she usually buys, and sign her up!

-Megan, Dalhart, Texas