What Do Gentlemen Like You Have To Say About [ENCLOSED]?

The "knickers" you chose arrived in time for the holiday weekend and I must say that they were a great big hit all the way around. As I remarked to my significant other, if budget ever becomes a factor, cable TV is out and The Enclosed stays in. She (my fiance') says that your products are a cut above the usual adult lingerie and they make her feel sexy, which we all understand to be the most important element. The rose petals and the packaging don't hurt, either.

-Paul W., Cary, NC

Wife loved the selections that were sent- and so did I!

-Clay Stewart, Madison, AL

wife loved it

Score some points, my wife called me today to tell me how much she loved them and that this made her day . . . She can't wait for the next package. I had you ship them to her office. She was showing all the ladies at work. She was all smiles. Fabulous idea and great products.

-Michael Kelley, Pipestone, MN

The overall experience I’ve had with Enclosed is simply amazing.

-Michael, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Well marketed, sexy and classy, well packaged - made receiving each pair a new event! It is pricey...but understandable after seeing the care and quality. Execution: timeliness and presentation were perfect

-Anonymous Gentleman, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania

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Really top quality. . .I had never shopped for intimates before and Enclosed made me look like a pro. . . Packaging was wonderful and the reaction when first opening was priceless.

-David, Washington, DC

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My wife loved the surprise that she received in the mail, she even loved the packaging that it came in. Top notch experience from the site design to the package opening! Thank you.

-Oleg, San Francisco, California

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It worked out great. She loves it! Thanks a lot for the help.

-Heng, New York, New York

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My wife loved the first month of knickers I got for her . . . I can't wait to see what's in store for her this month . . . Thank you so much and I will be renewing the subscription for sure.

-Paul, Rochester, Minnesota

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My wife received her first shipment of knickers from [ENCLOSED] a few days ago. The size medium fits her perfectly and we are totally blown away by the selection, the packaging, and the freeze dried rose pedals. The attention to detail is just outstanding! We are soo excited for the next shipment!

-Zachary, Centennial, Colorado

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Enclosed is great, the website is easy to use and takes the stress out of buying (sexy) lingerie. My wife was absolutely delighted by the gift... And so was I!

-Benoit, London, UK

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With two kids and not a lot of time... I am always trying to think of ways to spice things up and inspire my wife. She was so delightfully surprised by the monthly panties that she started to get from Enclosed that it has paid off! And luckily, the ladies at Enclosed ensured that I ordered the right size. Thank you, thank you!

-Peter, Houston, Texas

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So the nickers did indeed arrive . . . at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I received a text from one of her gal pals to the effect of, "Nice choice." Some of us men do have good taste, if I do say so myself. And the ability to have that good taste seen and appreciated is made even easier by a business like The Enclosed. Thanks for, ahem, "staying on top of things" as it were.

-Jeremy, Los Angeles, California

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So worth the money. My wife would have never have bought herself these by themselves but being surprised like this she said that I could do this again anytime. . . . . The Quality of the lingerie was way more than I expected. . . . Wife loved the packaging.

-Anonymous Gentleman, Chicago, Illinois

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I always look forward to seeing The Enclosed box arrive each month because I know it will bring a smile to my wife's face (happy wife, happy life). The beautiful presentation of the garments match the high quality of the garments themselves. The Enclosed is a gift that rewards the sender as much as the receiver.

-Lucius O., Washington, DC via Yelp

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Unfortunately my wife can’t help but to open MY mail, however she just called me so excited about her Anniversary gift. She said the knickers are beautiful and that the presentation was elegant. She is looking forward to the next two pair (and so am I!).

-Joseph P., New York, New York

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Wife just loved the gift. First one and loved it. She already can't wait to see what else will be coming.

-Martin, Ponca City, Oklahoma via Facebook

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Each month, my girlfriend and I look forward to receiving the next package from Enclosed. We are currently dating long distance and rely on care packages, social media and any other means available to hold onto the excitement and intimacy of our relationship. Whenever she visits, she brings along the blue box with the rose petals so we can open it together. It's sexy, we love it, and it's become a ritual. Knicker Christmas every month.

-Kris, Austin, Texas

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First Enclosed delivery arrived for my wife. She loved the packaging, the style and the quality. I completely surprised her. It's a win/win and she already can't wait for her next delivery of stylish "knickers"!

-Bryan Moiles, San Jose, California via Facebook

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Wow. Just blown away by the product, the packaging and the experience all together. The fit of the panties was spot on. Since I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to picking the size of a woman's undergarments, I was overwhelmed. But seeing them on her, I was elated with the way they fit. Not that the purchase was solely for me, but she loves them enough not to want them regularly for fear of wearing them out. She's pumped. I'm pumped that she's pumped. I think you have a great product/sub service here. Women who have a little bit more income can treat themselves on an regular basis, and the rest of us can spoil our SOs with a gift that can last for a long time.

-Sean, San Francisco, California

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Got the undies ... and .... she loved them! I couldn't wait for her to get them for xmas. We had an amazing time together ... it was THE FIRST sexy undies that she has ever been given (did I mention she's a scientist)?

-Walter, Menlo Park, California

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I just signed my beautiful wife up for your program and the first pair showed up yesterday. She was Thrilled! Right out of the gate you picked the perfect combination of color and style. What an excellent idea you've come up with, it made both of our days. Thank you.

-Steve, Scottsdale, Arizona

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The last pair that you sent to my wife was a HUGE hit. HUGE. Your team has a great eye. The care in selection and packaging is second to none. My wife is always thrilled to get the Enclosed box and it goes without being said I do too!

-Mr. Wolff, California

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Thoughtful, beautifully packaged romantic gifts are far and few between. enclosed is the real deal. my wife loves everything they curate and and the packaging is perfect. it doesn't hurt that i happen to like the gifts too!

-Jascha K., San Francisco, California

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Of all the many things I gave my girlfriend for Valentine's this year, she loved your selection the most! Truly knocked it out of the park. Completely impressed.

-Andy P., Arlington, Texas

valentine customer testimonial

A great service and a fantastic gift. It went over so well!

-Seth Cousins, San Anselmo, California via Facebook

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I purchased the Season of Luxe package and I have been stunned by the quality and style of knickers my wife has received! Though my wife loved her first pair, they were a bit too glamorous for every day wear. I spoke to a very helpful lady at customer assistance and she did a fantastic job in updating our order! Since then my wife has received another pair with her updated preferences and she was ecstatic over the second pair she received! Ordering a “Season of Luxe” has been a great way to help while away the long Northern winters! We eagerly anticipate the last pair!!!!

-JD, Kingsford, Michigan

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Being in a long-distance relationship is challenging, but using [Enclosed] is a great way to shorten the distance and show my girlfriend I’m thinking of her. The quality is amazing and my girlfriend can’t stop raving about the variety of knickers from around the world. With the different styles and color combinations [Enclosed] is truly a gift that keeps on giving through the months. Thank you [Enclosed]!

-Jay Y., San Francisco, California

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Picking lingerie for my beautiful wife has always been a bit tricky. What I think is sexy isn't always what she likes. The Enclosed has made it so much easier – I cant make a mistake! The excitement of not knowing what’s inside that mysterious box each month is a gift for both of us. We’re filling an empty vase with all the rose petals.

-Mark, Morristown, New Jersey

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My wife is thrilled with the knickers! The size is perfect and she (and I) can't wait for the next 11 months of knickers.

-Chris, New Berlin, Wisconsin

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Wife just loved the gift. First one and loved it. She already can't wait to see what else will be coming.

-Martin M. Engster, Burbank, Oklahoma

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You ladies did a great job of choosing something she would love when I didn't have a clue!

-Anonymous Gentleman, Chicago, Illinois

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I purchased a subscription for my wife for her birthday. She received the first set last week and loved them!!! Thanks a million!

-Kevin, Corona del Mar, California

lavender panties lingerie

I'd like to thank you for your amazing service . . . the knickers have gone beyond our expectations each and every month. My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed each month of our six month subscription. When each box arrives she excitedly opens it, enjoys the flower petals, reads the card, and stares open mouthed at the gorgeous knickers supplied that particular month. Truly, few gifts have ever given her as much pleasure.

-Gregory, Cumming, Georgia

black lace panties lingerie

Just wanted to say that your company is fantastic. Gave a 3 month gift to my girlfriend for last Christmas. She promptly got it for her sister and another friend. Wonderful product, terrific website--just can't be happier or more impressed. Thanks!

-Chris, Hightstown, New Jersey

blue panties lingerie

My wife LOVED the first pair and will be ordering again after our first order is complete. Keep up the great quality.

-Stephan, Conroe, Texas

peach panties lingerie

<em>Thank you for your great customer service . . . As usual she has absolutely loved your choices . . . Thank you again for your attention to detail, looking forward for another surprise.</em>

-Eric, Saint Joseph, Michigan

loved choices customer testimonial

You're doing God's work. Truly. Of the few times I have ordered from you, they have been an immense hit with my wife. Husband of a happy wife,

-Aaron, Conway, Arkansas

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We just returned from vacation today and my wife found [ENCLOSED] in the mail. I'm thinking that our first night back may be better than our terrific vacation!-David T., Novia Scotia, Canada

My fiance loved the Vday panty box from you guys, and I'm an Enclosed fan for life!

-Jon Russell, Springfield, OR

vday fan garter panties

You have done nothing but surpass my expectations, and my girlfriend loves the surprise each month! I'm sure she would love a lifetime subscription. . . . Thank you for such an exceptional service!

-Jason, Knoxville, Tennessee

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Once I wandered into a lingerie shop to get my wife a present. That was once but never again. Not the way for a man to go. It's so much easier with [Enclosed]. Unhurried choice plus great online help on sizing and choosing the right cut. With [Enclosed] and its online Help I sent her the knickers that she had been hankering for!!!

--Henry, "Clueless in Washington, DC"

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