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Customer Reviews For Our Anniversary Gifts

I LOVE my Enclosed gifts each month! I have loved every style so far, and would not change a thing. My husband got this for me as a gift for our anniversary last year - he did a great a job! Thank you so much!

-Jenna H., Colton, CA

anniversary gift review

Perfect Anniversary Gift

This club is so much fun. Definitely a perfect anniversary gift! We love the variety and high quality of every surprise we've received!

-Lisa K. Olson , Erie, Colorado

perfect anniversary gift customer testimonial

I read on your site that you offer a coupon code to military members.  I am an active duty sgt. in the USAF stationed in HI.  My wife loved the knickers I got her last month so I know this is the best option for our anniversary.  Now that I know you support the military I am even more fond of your company.  Keep up the amazing work. 

-Jon, Honolulu, Hawaii

military anniversary gift review

Unfortunately my wife can’t help but to open MY mail, however she just called me so excited about her Anniversary gift. She said the knickers are beautiful and that the presentation was elegant. She is looking forward to the next two pair (and so am I!).

-Joseph P., New York, New York

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