From G-Strings to Bikinis

Knickers should be fun, not infuriating. Therefore, we’ve prepared this guide to help you parse the g-string from the brief. If you have questions about sizes, feel free to take a peek at our size guide.

G-Strings: A Sexy Sweet To Whet The Appetite

G-strings are the smallest of the panty species. Think of them like a Tic-Tac: tiny but filled with intense flavor. The g-string is often poorly executed, but when fine lace and expert craftsmanship are combined, g-strings can be a thing of beauty, comfort and class. (Not to mention CRAZY sexy.) Generally g-strings consist of literally a string across the hips and between the cheeks with a relatively small triangle front. Fun-filled g-string fact: the term g-string is perhaps derived from the Native American term “geestring” which referred to the string which held the loincloth.

  • g-string illustrated panty style
  • gilded lace sexy underwear
  • gilded black lace sexy

Thongs: More Than 31 Flavors

The defining feature of a thong is that it reveals most of the bum. But like ice cream, there are hundreds of sexy, delicious variations; the sides can be thread-thin to several inches wide. Thongs can be lacy or smooth, high or low-waisted. And don’t let the mass-marketers fool you, thongs are not just for skinny girls. Many babies with back actually prefer the thong.

  • blue black lace panty thong
  • blue black lace panty thong back

Boyshorts: Boy Oh Boy

Boyshorts have modest fronts which give way to fuller sides while the back is largely, but not completely covered. Like a good woman, boyshorts (or cheeky panties) take the best from the boys, but remains sexy and feminine. (Boyshorts are great for sexy birthday presents.)

  • boyshort illustrated panty style
  • blue lace sexy boyshorts
  • blue lace sexy boyshorts

Bikinis (Tankinis, Martinis . . . ): Time For Dessert

The term bikini was coined in 1946 by Louis Réard who named the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll where testing on the atomic bomb took place. Boom. Bikinis (sometimes called briefs) provide coverage of the bum, and to some degree, the sides and the tummy. Our prediction: bikinis are coming back. And while these little numbers may not be big in size, their impact is atomic. Boom.

  • bikini illustrated panty style
  • bikini illustrated panty style

A Little Edge. A Little Adult: Sexy Clandestine Panties

We have a carefully curated selection of ultra-luxe pairs of, ahem, rather racy knickers. Crotchless, butt-less and other styles that are not for everyone. But if you do want them, do let us know. Take a peek at our clandestine panties . . .

Fun Features & Playful Options

A few fun features and variations. Just mention these features under “special requests” when checking out, and we’ll be sure to send an inspired selection.

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  • black lace tanga red bow panty sexy


    Lions and Tigers and Bows, Oh My! Pinning the tail on your tail can be oodles of fun. Take a look at our featured knickers and make a special request for a sexy bow if inspired . . .

  • garter panties

    Garters Galore

    Garters aren’t just for garter belts. Attach stockings (not included) right to the knicker. Note, all our garter knickers have removable garter straps so can be worn alone.

  • ruffle back panties

    Rows of Ruffles

    There is nothing juvenile about these ruffled numbers. Make a special request for sexy ruffles if this appeals . . .