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The Best New Years Gift Idea: Lingerie!

For 2022, make a resolution you'll both love: send her real designer* lingerie from [ENCLOSED] for 12 months! Each month for twelve months she will receive either a teddy, nightie, robe or bralette set (if you choose one of our lingerie packages) or a pair of luxury panties (we prefer to call them knickers) made by designers from around the world. We’ll do the work for you—our gift concierge will select a pair for her each month based on a simple personalization quiz you’ll take when you place your order. * When we say designer, it's not like we are talking about AdoreMe or Victoria's Secret lingerie. This is real high-end lingerie designers.
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A New Year's Gift For Both Of You

With [ENCLOSED], you’re not only giving her the luxurious panties that come nestled in a bed of real freeze-dried flower petals, packed in a keepsake box for reuse, you’re giving her a promise of a new year of intimacy and a New Year’s gift that you both can enjoy.

Your Best Year Of Date Nights Yet

Celebrate the New Year with her by giving her her first box on New Year’s Eve. Celebrate each month with her by making the day you receive [ENCLOSED] a date night.

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New Year's Gift Traditions

In many South American countries, wearing brand new yellow underwear on New Year’s ensures success in work and money in the upcoming year. In Argentina, women wear pink underwear on the eve of the first so that their love lives will flourish and in Mexico, women wear red for the same purpose. What color will you send for January?  

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How Our New Year's Gift Works

We will create a special year-long present for her. Gift her 12 months of [ENCLOSED] for the new year and at the beginning of each month, we will select a seasonal, tasteful yet sexy pair of knickers that will make her feel great. By the time next month comes around, she will be surprised by yet another decadent pair on her doorstep and be reminded of your thoughtful New Year’s gift.  

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Our Date Night Knickers

Our featured panty styles are sophisticated, sexy but always tasteful and our styles run from a modest bikini to a tiny g-string. All of these options feature fabric with more than a hint of stretch, allowing them to be comfortable for hours of celebration and offering an ultra-flat finish.

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