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Special Mother's Day 2021 Note

While the Corona Virus has impacted us all, we are shipping Mother's Day gifts daily. We sincerely hope you and yours are healthy and safe.

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A Spectacular Mothers Day Gift

You love the way she makes you feel. You love the way she takes care of your children. You love how each year of being married is better than the last. Shower the mother of your children with a Mothers Day gift that keeps on giving; lingerie or panties delivered every month.

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Best Mother's Day Gift For The Mother Of Your Children

Whether she is the mother of your children, a mother-figure in your life, or the woman you someday see as the mother of your future children show her just how much you appreciate and care for her by pampering her with a Mothers Day gift of luxurious and decadent knickers. With this Mothers Day Gift, Enclosed will help you show her you still find her to be one incredibly hot mama.


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Mothers Day In A Meaningful Way

Even once she is a mother, she still wants to feel alluring and loved. We beg you, don't give her something practical. It doesn't have to be our lovely lingerie or saucy knickers, but make sure you are getting her something more thoughtful than flowers again. Our gifts can be customized to be as modest or ultra-sexy as you think suitable. You can even let us know her favorite colors and materials. From the keepsake box-packaging to the real rose petals surrounding each garment, she will be blown away with how thoughtful and personalized this gift is.

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Romantic Love Notes For Your Mothers Day Gift

Every box of our lingerie comes with a personalized notes that you can write, or you can take our suggestions. Here are some heartwarming examples from husbands that have gifted Enclosed in the past to celebrate the beautiful mother of their children (tissues might be needed):

To my beautiful wife and the mother of my are as sexy as ever and it's been a wonderful 7 years. Love always, Ben
–Benjamin, Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Sweetheart, something special for my sexy, hot ass wife! Happy Mother's Day!
–Bon, Round Lake, Illinois

Momma, I love you so so much my Sexy Spartan Queen! I hope you know you are an amazing mother and wife. Baby, you are my world!! I Love You Baby, Daddy
–Travis, Cleo Springs, Oklahoma


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More Mother's Day Love Notes . . .

Nancy, to my beautiful wife, my love and lover, my best friend and wonderful mother to our children . . . Happy Mother's Day! Love you forever, Scott
–Scott, Suwanee, Georgia

Amy, just because you're the best mom and wife anyone can ask for! And here's something to make you feel a little extra special and sexy. Love, John
–John, Hightstown , New Jersey

Amy, happy Mother's Day babe. For a strong wife and loving mother who's doing one of the toughest jobs in the world right now. I can't wait to see these on you (and off of you) in a few months. I love you so much, Me
–Jeremy, Owings, Maryland

Beautiful notes to the mother of your children found here . . .

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