Military Wife Gifts: Romance & Fun

Maybe you’re coming home from overseas. Send your military wife the gift of [ENCLOSED] and tell her to save the panties for when you get home from the military, for you to enjoy together. Surprise her with the present of luxury knickers in the mail to preface your arrival and let her know how special she is to you. Now that’s a military wife gift.

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Military Themed Gifts For Your Military Wife

Every month of [ENCLOSED] surprises your military wife with a new box of lingerie. One ore more months can be military themed like the panties shown here. Upon opening the box she will find a bed of real freeze-dried flower petals, an organza bag that contains the panties themselves and a personal note from you. Also, you can win a gift for your military wife . . .

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Military Discount Code For Your Wife's Gift

Long distance is hard. At [ENCLOSED], we are so grateful to the men and women who are defending our country and we want to make the distance easier on you. Whether she’s at home and you’re away or you’re at home and she’s protecting our nation, it is vital that you let her know that you are thinking of her. Do this with [ENCLOSED] by sending your military wife the gift of high-end panties for one month, three months, six months or a year.

Active military members please contact us to get the coupon code that will get you 10% off any order.

Military Re-Order Testimonial

Real Notes From Real Military Couples

My Sweetheart–I know that this time apart is not easy, but thought something sensual for you, to remind you of how beautiful you are to me, even after 7 years. I cannot wait to get home from Afghanistan to see you in these. I love you and think of always.

– From an AFB in Florida (where the military husband was stationed) to an APO in Europe (Where the military wife was stationed)

Think of me taking these off as you slide them on. Missing you so much babe.

– To and from an APO in Europe (where both husband and wife were stationed)

A luxurious gift for a woman who deserves the very best of everything. Since I won’t be there to tell you how beautiful you look when you start your new job I thought you’d like these to feel beautiful. Love you sexy.

Lead photo by Jeremy Bishop

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