About Mimi Holliday

Designed by well-known fashion designer Damaris Evans, British brand Mimi Holliday launched in early 2003, offering charming, sweet, fun and sexy lingerie. Feminine and whimsical, their pieces come in bright and pastel ice-cream shades and playful prints (like kitty cats, fluffy pom poms, hearts, flamingos  and stars), often with delicate lace, tulle and the purest silk. Before Mimi Holliday, bows on the back of panties or bum-cutouts were unseen; my oh my what an impact they’ve had! Mimi Holliday has been a longtime lingerie partner of [ENCLOSED], and we bring these British delights across the pond and into your waiting hands.

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Why We Adore Mimi Holliday

The plain and simple reason is, we’ve never seen such vibrant, fun styles such as these! Each and every Mimi Holliday pair of knickers is a true piece of art, resulting in a mini-vacation for your lady parts every time you wear them. The quality matches the design, and with Mimi Holliday you can be rest assured your bum is swathed in high-end materials without sacrificing comfort.

Beautiful things made of delicate materials such as these, need to be taken care of properly. We like to emphasize to only ever hand wash your Mimi Holliday lingerie with mild soap, as the high end materials don’t tend to fare so well inside a washer and dryer!

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Delivering Joy With Mimi Holliday

Receiving a surprise gift evokes almost a childlike joy –  so these vibrant, bright and fun lingerie pieces go hand in hand. We love that Mimi Holliday’s styles are called names like Pinball, Coco Loco, Tilt A Whirl and Cosmo Pop – perfect for bringing out her inner child.

The avant-garde designs and whimsical vibe of the brand brings joy to each woman who wears it. We often hear that Mimi Holliday knickers are so unique and beautiful, that customers have never seen anything like them before. The great thing is they are not only beautiful to look at, but wearable day to day.

Mimi Holliday Styles We Love

One of our favorite Mimi Holliday designs (the one that started it all) is the iconic Bow-Back knicker. A thong-style knicker is adorned with two long pieces of fabric that can be tied into a beautiful bow. These panties are fantastic for a little bedroom fun, but in our experience can also be easily worn with a pair of jeans or pants without being bulky.

Mimi Holliday Petal Knickers

Another iconic style is the Petal knicker. This bikini-backed knicker “blooms” with petal-shaped cutouts on the bum. The sheer and airy fabric is very comfortable to wear, and absolutely perfect for when she wants to feel sexy all-day-long. We would consider this as a cross between a bikini and a clandestine pair – as it has a considerable amount of “bottom cleavage” to show off.

Mimi Holliday Boyshorts

The Boyshort style is one we would typically call a “Boythong” – as it is quite cheeky. Characterized by a thick brand around the hips adorned with eyelash lace, the Boyshort does not offer much coverage on the behind, instead showcasing off her assets with a severely flirty, cheeky look.

Mimi Holliday Bikinis

We also find that Mimi Holliday’s bikini-style also is quite tiny when it comes to coverage. The Hipster Knicker as it is called, is similar to a tanga style brazilian panty, and does not cover the whole bum. For more coverage we recommend either their Classic or Sexy knicker styles which provide fuller coverage.

Mimi Holliday Lingerie

Although we are huge fans of Mimi Holliday lingerie such as robes, nighties and bralette sets, we cannot recommend theMimi Holliday’s Maternity Bras. Our founder, Antonia Townsend, tried and tested the maternity styles and found the nursing bras to be uncomfortable and ill-fitting.

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