About Jane Woolrich Lingerie

These knicker are handmade for you in the English countryside by one of the most sought-after high-end lingerie designers in the world. Her lingerie atelier produces some of the world’s most beautifully romantic, ultra-couture lingerie, the perfect pairing to [ENCLOSED]’s vision to supplying the best sexy yet romantic lingerie gifts for her. It has been a pleasure to work with independent designer Jane Woolrich directly to bring custom knicker styles exclusively for [ENCLOSED] and into your lingerie drawer.

To quote Jane Woolrich, “It’s not what you see, it’s what you almost see, which fuels the imagination.” To which we say, let your imagination run wild . . .

Why We Adore Jane Woolrich

Wearing a piece of Jane Woolrich lingerie is an experience in itself. Not to be worn as everyday wear, but instead the perfect pair to pull out and wear on an extra-special occasion. Rightly so, as each pair is made of 100% pure silk satin with contrasting floral leavers lace trim. To say these items are quality lingerie is an understatement, as the craftsmanship and high-end materials simply blows us away.

Given that this lingerie is ultra-high end and made of delicate silk, only ever hand wash with mild soap and air dry pretty please!

red and white christmas panty

Working with Jane Woolrich at [ENCLOSED]

Jane Woolrich’s passion for designing quality and feminine lingerie comes through in each of her designs. Everything is handmade to order for each customer, lending a personal touch to each piece of lingerie she lovingly crafts. At [ENCLOSED] we can appreciate the personal touch, as we too hand-pick each pair for each customer. Her vision to make each woman feel special aligns with our values as a business and message we bring across to our customers.

ouvert side tie

Jane Woolrich Styles We Love

Jane Woolrich designed this side-tie knicker exclusively for [ENCLOSED], as a limited-edition offering in bright, vibrant colors. They are available in ouvert (clandestine & crotchless) and non-ouvert; both very sexy and ultra-luxurious.

One style that we love is the Side Tie Silk Brief. 100% pure silk satin wraps around swathing her dérriere in a smooth, silky fit. The sheer leavers lace trim offers peek-a-boo glimpses to what lies beneath.

Similar to the brief style, the Side Tie Silk Thong  features the same brightly colored silk and contrasting floral leavers lace trims but in a thong-back cut for the lady that prefers to show a bit more skin.

We adore both styles, and find that the adjustable silk side-tie ribbons make these knickers ideal for any size, fitting the range for extra-small to extra-large. Despite being a bowed side-tie, this knicker fits easily under other lingerie such as robes, nighties and rompers, completing her extra-sexy date-night ensemble. Of course, she can also be tempted to wear it by itself . . .

If you would like to receive one of these styles, be sure to make a special request at checkout . . . 

side-tie sexy panty