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Love Note Ideas For Your Wife

While we supply suggestions for those with writer’s block, many write their own love notes. Here we have enclosed some beautiful love notes that our wonderful lingerie-givers have personally written to their wives. Love is in the air! Of course, we've edited the love notes to protect the privacy of the giver and recipient.
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Love Notes For My Sexy Wife

Momma, I love you so so much my Sexy Spartan Queen! I hope you know you are an amazing mother and wife. Baby, you are my world!! I Love You Baby, Daddy

–Travis, Cleo Springs, Oklahoma

Sweetheart, something special for my sexy, hot ass wife! Happy Mother's Day! Love, Roni-Bug

–Bradley, Round Lake, Illinois

Some beautiful knickers, for my beautiful woman. You are my sexy wife and you drive me crazy!

–Brian, Brookfield , Connecticut

Annie, to my beautiful wife and the mother of my are as sexy as ever and it's been a wonderful 7 years. Love always, Ben

–Benjamin, Mt. Vernon, Illinois


Endless Love Notes for Wife Appreciation

Nancy, to my beautiful wife, my love and lover, my best friend and wonderful mother to our children . . . Happy Mother's Day! Love you forever, Scott

–Scott, Suwanee, Georgia

The Sweetest Woman and Wife, On Sweetest Day.

–Dan, New York, NY

My Wife, you are the very best of both of us. Love, your Husband

–Matthew, Malden, Massachusetts

Amy, just because you're the best mom and wife anyone can ask for! And here's something to make you feel a little extra special and sexy. Love, John

–John, Hightstown , New Jersey

Siu, for my beautiful wife. Because motherhood is still womanhood. Your Love, Karl

–Karl, Maplewood, New Jersey

Amy, happy Mother's Day babe. For a strong wife and loving mother who's doing one of the toughest jobs in the world right now. I can't wait to see these on you (and off of you) in a few months. I love you so much, Me

–Jeremy, Owings, Maryland

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