Love Note Ideas For The Mother Of Your Children

Looking for inspiration for the gift note or love note for the mother of your children? You've come to the right place. Whether it is Mother's Day or your just sending her a little love note, here are some ideas. Here are some note to people's baby mamas that we have enclosed some beautiful love notes that our wonderful lingerie-givers have personally written to the mother of their children.  Love is in the air! Of course, we've edited the love notes to protect the privacy of the giver and recipient.
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Beautiful Love Note Ideas For The Mother Of Your Children

Marianna: The apple of my eye, the love of my life, and mother of my wonderful kids. Love always, Chris M

–Chris, Wall, New Jersey

Honey, I'm sorry Mother's Day isn't/hasn't been what you'd liked it to be. It will be from now on. I thought maybe this is something you'd like and would never buy for yourself. I love you more than you'll ever know and you're a terrific mother to our children! Love you love you love you, Dustin

–Dustin, Rayville, Louisiana

My love, for the gorgeous mother of my children! Thank you for everything you do and everything you are. A luxurious gift for the woman who deserves the very best! I love you! Mike

–Mike, Las Vegas , Nevada

Nancy, to my beautiful wife, my love and lover, my best friend and wonderful mother to our children, Happy Mother's Day! Love, Scott

–Scott, Suwanee, Georgia

Jess, for the beautiful mother of our children. You deserve nothing but the best. Thank for who you are and everything you do for us. LU! Josh

–Joshua, Grand Island, Nebraska

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Adorable Love Notes For The Sexy Mother Of Your Children . . .

My MILF! You literally are the definition of a MILF. I'm the luckiest husband in the world on this Mother's Day.

–Jack, The Woodlands, Texas

Barbara–For the gorgeous mother of my children! Thank you for everything you do and everything you are. A surprise gift for one sexy Mama. I love you! Aaron

–Aaron, Ocean Ridge, Florida

Stacy, a little gift for the very sexy mother of my children. Even after being a mother for almost 13 years, you look more incredible now then when I married you! Love, Waynee

–Eric, Au Gres, Michigan

Annie, to my beautiful wife and the mother of my are as sexy as ever and it's been a wonderful 7 years. Love, Ben

–Benjamin, Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Dineen, a surprise gift for the mother of my children & my sexy love. Love you, Big Daddy

–Scott, Port Chester, New York

Melea, a surprise gift for my sexy love and the mother of my children. Forever, DaddyBobo

–Robert, Pooler, Georgia

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