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Birthday Love Note Ideas For Her

While we supply suggestions for those with writer’s block, many write their own love notes. Here we have enclosed some beautiful love notes that our wonderful lingerie-givers have personally written to their loved ones on their birthdays.  Love is in the air!

Of course, we've edited the love notes to protect the privacy of the giver and recipient.

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Beautiful Love Note Ideas For Her Birthday

Junebug, I am always searching for ways to show you how beautiful you are to me, here is the latest. You are gorgeous head to toe, inside and out, from day one to whatever day this is and beyond. I love you and your tushbox. Forever, tboz

‚ÄďAnthony, Brooklyn, New York

Alyssa, a surprise gift for my sexy love. This is a combination birthday/anniversary gift for you. I hope you like it and use it. I LOVE YOU! Scott

‚ÄďScott, Shakopee, Minnesota,

Vanessa, happy birthday my love!! I love you more with every passing breath and every year. I love you! Rodney

‚ÄďRodney,¬†Hanover, Pennsylvania

Karla, some beautiful knickers, for my beautiful woman. Happpy Birthday! Love you, Brent

‚ÄďBrent, Grandview, Missouri

Kristen, happy¬†birthday, my love! Thought this was a neat idea‚Äďhope¬†you¬†like them! Love, your Hubby

‚ÄďChris,¬†Flanders , New Jersey

Nicole, happy birthday lovely! I hope you enjoy and I can't wait to test these out with you. <3 Kisses, Caleb

‚ÄďCaleb,¬†Chicago, Illinois

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More Absolutely Adorable Love Notes For Her Birthday Festivities

Kristen, happy birthday to my sexy, lovely, smart, radiant love! A special gift to remind you on your special day, how much I love. Always, Burby

‚ÄďJustin, Honolulu, Hawaii

Pat‚Äď happy birthday ūüôā Who knew turning a year older could be so much fun! I'm sure¬†you¬†will¬†look ravishing when¬†you¬†wear this! Enjoy¬†your very special day! Love you loads, C.¬†Grey

‚ÄďWilliam Washington, District of Columbia

Babycakes, happy birthday, my love. May you enjoy this gift for many months to come! Love, Larry

‚ÄďLarry, Canton, Illinois

Sweet potato, A luxurious gift for a woman who deserves the very best of everything. Forever yours, Zachary

‚ÄďZachary,¬†Livingston, Montana

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