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Love Note Ideas: Help Writing Your Note

Featured here are a few of the amazing notes that our superb lingerie-givers have written to their loved ones. While we supply suggestions for those with writer’s block, many write their own. These personal notes are often quite inspired. Of course, we've edited some to protect the privacy of the giver and recipient.  
Love note idea I love you

Awwww. So Adorable.

Some new lingerie for you, to help you feel as sexy as you truly are.

Thinking of you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of time. Don't wear until I come home from Afghanistan. LOVE YOUR HUSBAND

I love you and will love you forever and ever. Nothing can keep me from loving you and trying to spoil you. Love Always

You are my stars, my moon, and my sun. You're what wakes me up in the morning, keeps me up at night, and all I can dream about. I would be nothing without you. I love you and always will. Happy Birthday. Can't wait to see you in these!

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Love note idea I love you

Anniversary: Endless Love

My beautiful wife. Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to sharing our lives together for many months and years to come. You are the love of my life and I want to spend forever with you. I love you more every day we are together. Your loving husband.

Happy 1st anniversary. And may there be many more to come...

Keeping it fun for the next 15 years of our love affair. I adore you more now than ever before!

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife. I love you and can't wait to peel these panties off you. With all my love.

Happy Anniversary, to my sexy bride. A beautiful woman should wear beautiful things. You're the love of my whole life.

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happy anniversary note

Female Adoration (Of Which We Are Big Proponents.)

You deserve panties that make you feel sexy because you are the definition of sexy. I love you, forever.

Here's a little bit of a beautiful surprise to complement your beauty.

I'm yours and you're mine till the end of time. Knickers for my kicker. love ~ xXooXOxo

Thinking of how sexy you are, brings a smile to my face. I hope you feel as sexy with them on as you are with them off.

Babe I want to give you something that makes you feel like the sexy woman that you are!!!! You are now and always will be the sexiest woman in my life!!!! I am yours now, and forever!!!


for my fiance note

An Invitation: A Little Risqué

Thinking of you makes me smile. Thinking of us together makes me feel complete. Thinking of you in these makes me hot; so here's some beautiful knickers, for my beautiful woman.

I could only hope to see you in these this weekend in a sexy hotel room over the strip... while you strip for me.

Some beautiful knickers, for my beautiful woman. You get to wear them, I get to take them off of you. Everyone wins!

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife. I love you and can't wait to peel these panties off you. With all my love.

My sexy little minx. Enjoy the enclosed now, and we'll enjoy the enclosed later.

Figured these would tickle you a little bit, so I can tickle you more later. 😉 Love you baby!

Put these on. Tonight.

I'm looking forward to unwrapping you for the next six months!

These are just for you and me honey, lets spice up our underwear.

Wear these so that I'll take them off. 

sexy wife note

Friendship & Consolation: Sharing The Love

So I know it's rough being back, then I thought, PANTIES! I know it won't fix anything but I figured it’s always a nice pick-me-up. Plus, when you finally kiss a stranger and maybe even *gasp* bed one you'll have some cute little unmentionables just for the occasion! I love the heck out of you!

Hey Babe I know you have been really stressed as of late with work and all. I know too that I've been a lot to deal with as well. But I wanted to make you feel special and do something loving and fun that we can both enjoy. Happy Anniversary. Roses and chocolates to follow.

dearest friend note

Happy Birthday: Beyond The Birthday Suit

Now that you are properly grown up you can have lovely knickers chosen by our very own knicker picker. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday darling! Hope these undies add something special to your day. I love you and am thinking of you.

I love you. Happy Birthday. I love gift of the month gifts! Hopefully these are as fun as Stunners...

Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you find something tasty in this box 😉

You wanted to be ravished my sexy lioness? Done. Happy early birthday baby. I adore you.

Thought I'd surprise you with one box a month until your birthday, my love. For no other reason than you deserve something nice. Love you so much.

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happy birthday customer testimonial

For The Mother (Or The Mother To-Be)

You've always meant the world to me and I want you to know I still love you and think you're a sexy mama. You should feel sexy because you are sexy! I love you til the day I die and longer.

You are a blessing and a gift. My spirit soars under the spell of your knowing touch, insatiable kiss, and precious smile. A luxurious gift, offered with love and gratitude, for an amazing woman and mother who deserves the very best of everything. Enjoy, lover ;~) I love you.

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mother children note

For The Bride From Her Future Husband

A luxurious gift for a woman who deserves the very best of everything. Your future Husband.

A small gift for the sexiest woman in the world. I love you my hot bride to be.

My Beautiful Fiancé, Thinking of you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of time. I thank God every day that he brought us together and blessed our relationship with the love we need to flourish. I couldn't imagine walking this road with anyone else. I Love You Sweetheart, forever and ever yours! Your Future Husband.

Shower Love: For The Bride To Be

Happy shower! Can't make the festivities but wanted to send you a little something fun anyway.

I love you, I hope this little surprise makes you smile.

bride note

Apologies & Simple Sweetness

Forgive me?

Something nice for you.

A surprise gift for my pretty girl =)

Thinking of you.



Just because... 😉



sorry note

Our Suggestions

With [ENCLOSED], as you go through the selection process, you are invited to write a personalized note to the knicker recipient. We then enclose this note in the first month gift box, that way each recipient gets a personal note from the gift-giver. Here are a few of the notes we offer as suggestions. You can add to or customize these notes, or just write your own.

A luxurious gift for a woman who deserves the very best of everything.

A surprise gift for my sexy love.

Enclosed is a token of my affection.

Friends don't let friends wear ugly knickers. Enjoy!

Happy anniversary. I'm looking forward to many months and years to come.

Happy birthday, my love. May you enjoy this gift for many months to come.

Some beautiful knickers, for my beautiful woman.

Thinking of you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of time.

Thinking of you.

For my ravishing self. Because I deserve it.

girlfriend gift customer testimonial note

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