mission to help couples show love

A Mission Of Love & Connection

At [ENCLOSED] we are on a mission to help the gift-giver demonstrate his or her adoration for the woman they love. With every delivery, we want to make the woman gasp with joy and smile with anticipation upon seeing the dark purple [ENCLOSED] gift box. We help gift-givers express their love and desire with a truly romantic, memorable gift experience like no other.

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Designed To Demonstrate Love

It is cliché, but true; men are often stymied by how to demonstrate their love for their wife or girlfriend. Moreover, a man wants the woman he loves to feel as beautiful as he sees her to be. [ENCLOSED] was purpose-built to help a man express this appreciation and desire that is unique to their relationship.

While the majority of our gift-givers are men, we proudly support people of all orientations and identities who seek to make the woman they love feel beautiful and desired. We are the only service (that we know of) that is singularly-dedicated to helping people find romantic, quality gifts for the women they love.

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An Experience That Makes Women Feel Beautiful

The end goal of our [ENCLOSED] experience to make women feel beautiful—inside and out—knowing she is loved and adored. While lingerie and other feminine gifts are merely objects, we believe the demonstration of adoration can build a woman’s confidence. And when the woman feels beautiful and confident, the couple can revel in her joy.

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Giving: An Act Of Selfish Joy

The maxim, “tis better to give than receive” so so fundamentally true. That said, the gift-giver should never feel selfish about giving [ENCLOSED]. We want gift givers to revel in that selfishness, because anything that makes her happy, should also bring you joy. Women adore how [ENCLOSED] makes them look and feel confident and beautiful, but ultimately it is the gift-giver who gets the greatest satisfaction from indulging in a gift that deepens the connection to the woman they love.

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Our Business: Delivering Joy and Love Over and Over and Over . . .

We are in the business of helping men and women find exquisite, custom-curated, romantic gifts which are delivered monthly. But in practice, we are also in the business of supporting couples and helping them nurture their relationships. We aim for every [ENCLOSED] box to be a surprise celebration—an anniversary if you will— that connects the couple month after month, over and over.

Our service delivers more than divine gifts; [ENCLOSED] delivers the promise and anticipation of a surprise romantic celebration of love.

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