Best Lingerie Gifts Ever . . .

[ENCLOSED] offers the very finest lingerie from around the globe. You tell us the broad strokes of what you are looking for in a lingerie gift, we take care of creating a stunning gift package for her, month after month.

Below is just a tiny sampling of the decadent designer lingerie offerings we carry. Are you ready to surprise her with an unforgettable gift?

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Panties: A Sample of Ultra-High-End Styles We Offer

Body: Teddies, Robes, Sets & More

    Earl Grey Lavender Set
    • Sexy Reversible Teddy
    Double Dip Chocolate Ice Cream
    • yellow bralette summer lace
    Lemon Drop
    • pink silk lace nightie
    Silken Strawberry Glacé

Superb Quality Lingerie Gifts

We travel the world to bring you the highest quality designer lingerie, made with exquisite attention to detail, using quality fabrics of the finest lace, real silk and other materials selected for beauty and comfort. We acknowledge that lingerie gifts from England, France, Columbia, Australia and the United States are going to cost more than the offering from Victoria’s Secret or Adore Me. Our lingerie offerings are expensive and we understand our services are not for everyone, but we remain unapologetically sexy, romantic and yes, expensive.

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Panty Packages and Prices