A Lingerie Guru Assesses Dolfi Lingerie Cleaning Device

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Lingerie Expert, Antonia Townsend

I’m Antonia, the owner of [ENCLOSED], the world’s finest lingerie subscription service. Having owned a lingerie company for six years makes me an expert in all things unmentionable (and pretty). But I’m also dedicated user of good underthings; I own 54 bras and 238 panties. So when I was approached with the idea of reviewing a device designed for travel and washing delicates such as lingerie, I jumped out of my knickers (so to speak) to do so.

Dolfi: What is that pebble looking thing?

lingerie cleaning device, dolfi

Lingerie cleaning device: Dolfi

First of all, what are we talking about? Dolfi is an elegant, compact device that cleans clothing with the power of ultrasonic technology.  No, I don’t know how it works. But having now used, I know that it does clean brilliantly, especially with delicate items like lingerie, bras, panties, stockings and such.

Delicates Need Special Cleaning And Care (That’s why they are called delicates)

Go ahead and throw your Gap cotton undies in the machine, but with quality, designer underwear one really must use a bit more care. Basically, if you don’t clean lingerie carefully it will lose it’s beauty, fall apart and fail to provide the support and design it was made for. That’s why we include care instructions with our lingerie and dedicated a whole page to the proper care and cleaning lingerie (and as importantly drying lingerie). So, when I heard that there was a small device that delivered ultrasonic (!!!!) waves to clean your unmentionables, I certainly wanted to mention it to our lingerie lovers on our website.

From Sleek Packaging to Simple Lingerie Washing

dolfi package lingerie cleaner

Dolfi Lingerie Cleaner Packaging

First off, the packaging is snazzy. It’s sleek and modern white packaging—like your favorite Apple product. The Dolfi itself continues in this style; it looks like a large pebble, but with an Apple all-white elegant treatment. Stylish! The Dolfi even won the iF Design Award of 2019.

My Test Of Dolfi: Lingerie vs. Stains

dirty black bra with deodorant stains

Before: My dirty deodorant stained black bra (cute, eh?)

Thanks to the easy to use instructions, I tested the Dolfi on some of my favorite and most used bras right away. These bras were worn and had those telltale deodorant marks that never seem to fade away no matter how many times you wash them. I followed Dolfi’s simple directions. I submerged the bras in water directly in my kitchen sink, placed the Dolfi directly under them with the logo facing up and set the timer. Basically, Dolfi feels like a cousin to a jewelry cleaner as it ultrasonically cleans your undies.

Bra Deodorant Stains Begone

lingerie cleaning test Dolfi Loosened Crud From Bra

After: Proof of clean lingerie! Deodorant junk lifted off my bra

One hour later, after Dolfi had done its ultrasonic thing, I took a look. There was this weird, but good (!) white film on my bra that lifted right off. See that stuff on my thumb? That loose crud was all the imbedded deodorant (and dead skin cells?) that Dolfi had jiggled out. I don’t think my 32D holders have ever been so clean.

Next Stop: Lingerie Heaven (aka Paris)

With these results, I decided to take the Dolfi with me on a lingerie buying spree (ahem) trip to Europe. Dolfi is positioned as a travel device–it’s small enough to tuck into even a carryon–and it certainly worked on the road. Traveling to Paris for a lingerie sourcing during a record-breaking heatwave was not easy on my clothing. Dolfi did a great job cleaning not only my underwear and bras, but also the rest of my clothes.

Tough Two-Year-Old Stains

No the stains aren’t two years old, the creator is. I also used Dolfi on my toddler’s clothing and while helpful, Dolfi did not get out the really ground-in dirt. But I don’t think that is what it is designed for. (See this is an honest review!)

Simple for Travel but Perfect for Lingerie Washing and Care

In summary, Dolfi is ideal for smaller and more delicate pieces such as bras, panties, stockings and even silk nightgowns. Anything made with fine materials like silk or with small hardware is ideal for Dolfi’s gentle vibrations.

A note on this review of Dolfi lingerie cleaner

I was given the Dolfi by the manufacturers. That said, I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review.

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