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Panties Just Because I Love You

A just-because gift is our favorite kind of gift as it has all the perfect elements to make a person happy. Just because gifts are unexpected. Just because gifts need no reason. Just because gifts are memorable.  
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Why? Well, Just Because . . .

The beauty of a just-because gift lies in the true spirit of giving. The very definition of a gift is something a person doesn’t need, but wants. Or might not even know they want until they get it. Just because . . .

- You love her.
- She is still beautiful, after all these years.
- She is a friend indeed, when you were in need.
- You are worth it.
- He will love seeing you in new decadent lingerie.
- You want to impress her friends and surprise her at work.
- You want to surprise her at home.
- She is an incredible mother.
- You can’t imagine your life without her. 

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Enclosed: The Ultimate Just Because Gift

With [ENCLOSED], she gets one or more months of exquisite panties selected by our concierge panty specialists delivered to her doorstep. As any just because gift should be, [ENCLOSED] is unexpected, delightful and luxurious. And may we add, part of the beauty of [ENCLOSED] is, she will actually use it. It’s not a throw away gift, as very girl needs panties!  
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And Why Send Enclosed? Because . . .

- We can have your gift to her overnight, if needed.
- Flowers are beautiful, but you can be more original than that.
- Chocolate is lovely, but she might not appreciate the calories.
- Getting panties is decadent, feminine and unforgettable.
- She will never expect it.
- She will never forget it. 

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The Just Because Gift Just For You

Who is to say that you shouldn’t give yourself something unexpected? And the beauty of [ENCLOSED] is, just when you’ve forgotten about the last pair of luxury panties, another arrives in the mail. Who are you going to share your knickers with? Just for you? Why not. A private party next weekend. Who’s invited?  
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