Enclosed is a fast-growing start up based in San Francisco’s Dogpatch. We need team players who can check their egos at the door. In exchange they will get a massively fun, informative and career-defining experience. (And it is way cooler to say you work at a lingerie-start-up than Pinterest. And if you don't agree with that statement, this is probably not the job for you.)

Enclosed is a platform for luxury gift-giving, specifically a high-end subscription lingerie offering catering to men who want to give their wives and girlfriends something decidedly different. We are a hybrid subscription-ecommerce platform that has solid traction and even greater potential.

Current Openings

Ecommerce Start-Up Operations Lead Job Description
Entry-Level Start-Up Role Job Description: Marketing and Operations 
Customer Experience & Fulfillment Job Description
SF Ecommerce Start-Up Internship

Note, we often get asked, if we only hire women. The short answer is no. We are looking to hire people of diverse backgrounds in every sense of the word "diverse". So, in your cover note, please let us know what you bring to the table, and how you aim to help build Enclosed.