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The Magical Qualities of the Perfect Romantic Gift

No one ever said gift-giving was easy. And if you want to make it a memorable, romantic gift for the lucky lady in your life, the bar is even higher. Here is a bit of insight into the qualities of a gift that will make us gush to our girlfriends and smile with secret satisfaction.

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The Perfect Romantic Gift is Intimate

The gift should be all about the connection between the two of you. It’s an opportunity to deepen and reflect the intimacy that is shared. It’s a little secret shared between two that no one else sees. It could be a tiny, pretty mirror that I keep in my makeup case in my purse. Or a framed note with a message from you to me for my nightstand. A map of the location where you had your first date. We are clearly biased in favor of lingerie, but the point is to find something that speaks to the nature of your relationship. Whatever it may be, it’s about that intimate connection.

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The Perfect Romantic Gift Is Luxurious

The very definition of a gift is something that we wouldn’t buy for ourselves—something is that is not a need, but perhaps a want—a luxury. There is safety in luxury, as whatever it is, you’ve gotten her the very best. It needn’t be large, or flashy, but it should be of the finest quality you can afford. The perfect earrings that reflect her style. Tiny, perfect, decadent chocolate bonbons to delight her taste buds. A cocktail date at the finest hotel in town that you could never afford to stay in, but you can spring for a single glass of champagne, no?

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Surprise! The Perfect Romantic Gift Is A Surprise

Wake me up on Sunday with ice cream in bed for breakfast. Tuck little love notes  in my purse so that I stumble upon them two weeks later. Whatever it is, make it unexpected. Make reservations to go eat gelato in the snow. But remember, don’t give me even a hint of what you have planned. Celebrate her half birthday or mark your 102nd-day anniversary with fresh lilies and pizza on the kitchen floor. Or send her lovely lingerie for no better reason than just because. But whatever it is, make it a surprise.

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Ready To Totally Impress Her?

Ready to totally impress her with your newfound romantic gift-giving know-how? We’re the pros, and would be more than happy to help you customize the perfect panty-of-the-month gift for that special lady.

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