How Enclosed gift lingerie subscription works

Design Your Gift Package

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Take our simple personalization quiz to give us a sense of the gift you would like to give. Tell us the occasion, how many months of lingerie you would like delivered and a few other criteria, then we’ll take care of the rest.

Effortless Gifting:
We Deliver Concierge Gift Service

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As a member of our club, we choose the lingerie for the gift recipient, customizing your boxes and taking care of all the details of your ongoing gifts.

She Enjoys Month After Month

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She delights in fit-guaranteed luxe lingerie gifts. Then the fun continues, arriving in the mail month after month.

Of course, you get all the credit.

Exclusive Ongoing Members-Only Benefits

With your subscription, you become a member of [ENCLOSED]. We take care of all your romantic gift-giving needs with timely reminders, gift suggestions and customized offers, always with no obligation to buy on your end.

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Design: You Design Your Gift Package


Choose 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. More on options and prices here . . .

The Knickers & Lingerie

You can choose to have her surprised by an exquisite pair of panties every month, or a selection of robes, teddies and other saucy sleepwear. Select between a range of styles—from g-strings to bikinis—so that we know which knickers to send. You can even request a specific style if you see something you particularly like on the website.

Customizing With Add-Ons

Many gentlemen want to add something ultra-luxurious to their gift box. To do so, just select from the robes, teddies and sets under “Add Ons” during checkout.

Her Size

Don’t be nervous. We get the size right over 98% of the time. The first month is not only beautiful, but has a good amount of stretch to fit a range of shapes and sizes. And all are backed by our 100% fit guarantee.

Her Use

Is she looking for special occasion numbers with ruffles and bows for playful fun? Everyday wearable luxuries that fit smoothly under her favorite pair of jeans? Or some of each?

Add Ons

Make your gift package extra-indulgent by surprising her with one of our saucy teddies or sexy nighties to kick off her subscription.

Your Message

Her first month of [ENCLOSED] comes with your personal note tucked into the keepsake box.


Your order is sent out via USPS or FedEx usually arriving in the U.S. within a week, and to Europe and Australia within 10 days. More on international shipping here.

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Effortless Gifting: We Deliver Concierge Gift Service

Every month th gift arrives in our custom keepsake box, nestled in a bed of real freeze-dried flower petals. Not only are the gifts different every month, but the flower petals change to reflect the seasons.

Ongoing Services

We’ll send timely reminders of important dates like your anniversary or mother’s day. You’ll receive customized gift suggestions, curated offers, and exclusive lingerie offerings, always with no obligation on your end.

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Delight: She Enjoys Month After Month


She receives an utterly divine unexpected gift in the mail month after month. Or you can have the box sent directly to you to present the gifts to her in-person.