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Hanky Panky

So you love your Hanky Pankies. Hanky Panky is definitively the perfect everyday panty. Comfortable, colorful, simple and flattering. What’s not to love? There is a reason the Hanky Panky Signature Lace Thong Panty, or simply 4811, has taken the lingerie market by storm; it works just as the makers of Hanky Panky intended. It fits every woman, from color to size, in one simple style.  
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Hanky Panky: A Bit Washed Out?

But let’s take a closer look. While gorgeous on the first day you wear them, have you taken a look lately? After a few washes this everyday thong’s looking less pretty with its fraying trim and discolored lace. And given this panty’s life expectancy, $20 is a bit pricey for panties that can’t hold up after a few washes…..by the time its date night with that cute guy from the coffee shop, your Hanky Panky collection has been a bit worn out (or should we say washed out?)

Upgrade: Date Night Panties

While we love our Hanky Pankies, with [ENCLOSED], we aim to go beyond the basic. The panties from our panty collection are crafted with intricate leaver’s lace from France to lustrous silk from China and meant to be worn on that special occasion or, date night. Moreover, [ENCLOSED] offers a memorable experience for the special lady to receive an extraordinary gift: a delectable pair of highly luxurious panties that are hand-chosen by the ladies at [ENCLOSED] and tailored to your exact specifications from style to size.


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Quality Over Quantity

[ENCLOSED] may be pricier than your favorite Hanky Panky, but we see it as a better value. Our luxurious knickers are in a differrnt class of quality, detail and beauty. While not cheap, [ENCLOSED] is a tailored to each woman’s wishes and with proper care will last her a lifetime.


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May We Inspire You?

Sometimes your panties should reflect how memorable a night can be. Warm up to date night with exquisitely tailored panties that can make you feel sexy, confident and excited. Save your Hanky Panky for the morning after, or running to work, but start your panty collection with luxuriously delightful panties perfect for that date night or special occasion. Let our panties inspire you… 

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