Renew Your Subscription To Enclosed

If you want to renew or extend your subscription . . .

  1. Click "Buy Now" button and proceed through the personalization quiz as you did before.
  2. You no longer need to login to your account to place an order. Simply fill in your billing, shipping and payment info to complete checkout.
  3. You're done! And don't worry, we always look up your past orders to make sure not to repeat a style.

(Note, if you previously ordered under a different name or email, please
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Send Gifts To Several Lucky Ladies

Of course you can give [ENCLOSED] to several women. (All of us adore panties.) For instance, if you want to give [ENCLOSED] to each of your bridesmaids, you will need to separately checkout for each. It will take a bit longer, but aren’t they worth it?

  1. Place your first order by completing the personalization quiz for the first woman, checkout and her knickers are on the way!
  2. Ready for lady number two? Complete the personalization quiz for the second lucky lady. You will need to reenter your payment information as we do not retain credit card information.

Of course, if you need our help here, or have any questions, call us on 800.653.2970, Monday–Friday 9 AM–5 PM Pacific, or drop us an email.

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