Gift Thongs & Gstrings

This holiday season, we are featuring a number of ultra-sexy, special styles of thongs and gstrings. Why not surprise your little elf with something lavish in her stocking?

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    • sexy butterfly gstring
    • sexy butterfly gstring
    Butterfly Candy *

    Imagine, a butterfly lands on her backside, so light, sheer and fluttery . . .

    • thong gstring silk lace sexy
    • silk gstring pink red
    Plummy Gummy

    The most elegant of g-string sexy panties, now in a perfect sexy pink!

    • valentine pink red lace gstring thong panty
    • valentine pink red lace gstring thong panty
    Sweetheart Candy *

    Ultra-tiny, ultra-sexy gstring undies in a sweet candy pink and red color array.

    • cherry black lace thong valentine panties
    • cherry black lace thong valentine panties
    Cherry Drops *

    Drops of cherry on a sheer black field. Such a sweet, sexy panty.

    • sexy lace sheer gstring
    • sexy lace sheer gstring
    Candy Floss

    Tiny strips of delicate sheer mesh and floral lace provide the most feminine, scant coverage.

    • blue lace gstring sexy christmas panties
    • blue lace gstring sexy christmas panties
    Blue Sugar Buttons

    This sexy gstring is cute as a button, with a sweet v-top in the back.

    • tiny lace adjustable g-string
    • tiny lace adjustable g-string
    Licorice Laces

    The finest adjustable ribbons cross her hips, linking the finest black lace into a ultra-sexy gstring.

    • apple red lace ribbon christmas panties
    • black lace ribbon front christmas panties
    • black lace ribbon front christmas panties
    Lace Up Lolly

    Laced-up sexy. Exclusive and available only through Enclosed.

    • white gstring sexy
    Sweet Mints

    A tiny g-string that verges on Clandestine with it’s open lacework and daring cut.

    • pink green lace sexy panties
    • green holiday gstring
    Evergreen Candy

    Preppy pink and green never looked so sexy as on this luxe gstring.

    • thong string minimal
    Lady's Fingers

    Scalloped edges and fine lacework make this sexy gstring both comfortable and ultra-sexy.

    • sheer gstring
    Honey Drops

    Ultra-sheer front and back, with adjustable sides makes this a sweet drop of fun.

    • holiday red sexy thong
    • holiday red sexy thong
    Cranberry Cocktail

    Not too sweet, this cranberry colored thong is an ultra-elegant option for the holidays.

    • holiday sexy panties
    Christmas Sprinkle Cookies

    Gold satin contrasts with red or black luxe lace for a very sexy thong.

    • white mesh love hearts
    Lace Heart Cookies

    Tiny hearts dot the boy-thong all over. Stretch lace never looked so romantic.

    Silken Bon Bons

    The finest silk, in a variety of colors, makes this one of our favorite sexy thongs.

    • purple thong bow
    Boysenberry Delight

    A removable, tie-able bow make this a sexy thong choice.

    • sexy silk lace panty
    Silken Laced Cookies

    Lavender or hot pink? Silk and black lace make it a tough choice.

    • leopard thong sexy
    Kitty Cookies

    Leopard mesh in a superbly sexy, simple thong. Meow.

    • white and black-side tie-panty
    Black & White Cookies *

    Side-ties of finest silk in this saucy thong. And these pretty numbers are hand made . . .

    • fine lace thong gift
    • fine lace thong gift
    Lush Lace Cookie *

    The front is drenched in the finest designer lace, while the back lies sexy smooth in black or gold silk.

    • sexy thong lace
    Watermelon Sorbet

    Sexy comfort is re-defined with this fresh, simple thong.

    • Swan tanga thong
    Swan Cream Puff *

    The elegance of a swan on an ultra-sexy sheer thong.

    • pink heart sheer thong bow valentine gift
    • pink heart sheer thong bow valentine gift
    Strawberries & Cream *

    An exquisite thong in the sheerest pink highlighted with a heart and bow.

    • red valentine sexy thong tanga
    • black panty thong tanga lace
    • red valentine sexy thong tanga
    Meltaway Cookies

    All lace backside, but a smooth front makes for a perfect sexy treat.

    • pink red vday thong panties
    • pink red vday thong panties
    • blue white holiday thong
    • purple thong sexy panties
    • purple thong sexy panties
    Fruity Macarons

    Everyday luxe at its best in smooth pink or purple stretch lace.

    • cherry bow thong
    Cherry Cupcake

    Sheer black and bright red cherries, with a bow on top! (Only on 6 and 12 month orders.)

    • garter thong sexy lace panty
    • garter thong sexy lace
    Chocolate Cupcakes

    Removable garters mean these sexy thongs are versatile and wearable everyday, or for special occasions.

    • smooth lace thong cheeky
    Berry Biscuit

    The smoothest of black fabric wraps her bum, while intricate sheer lace graces the sexy front.

    • bridal thong lace dots
    Italian Wedding Cookie

    Elegant sequins arrayed on a bright white lace. This slim thong features white dots dancing across her backside and hips.

    • sexy garter thong
    Sweet Trifle

    High-waisted with removable garters; a truly over-the-top decadent panty treat.

    • red christmas thong sheer sexy
    • red xmas thong back sheer
    Christmas Candy

    What’s sheer and floral and smooth all over? Why it would be the sweetest of Christmas candy knickers.

    • thong sheer blue garter
    Plum Tartelette

    Sheer, deep blues with removable garters make this an elegant, sexy thong choice.

    • silk thong valentine panty
    • thong pink silver
    Sliken Cookies

    Everyday luxe at it’s very best in smooth, sexy silk.

    • red thong brazilian sexy panty
    • sexy tanga valentine gift
    Meringue Tartelette

    Eyelash lace and sheer mesh alternate in the most alluring of ways on these sexy panties. And the back, oh my . . .

    • sexy garter thong
    • sexy garter thong
    Blackstrap Molasses Cookie

    Sheer black mesh enhanced with removable garters make this a classic sexy treat.

* Select items only available on 6 and 12 month packages.

While we welcome special requests, please understand that we cannot guarantee that every style is available in every size.

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