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Divorce Gift: Give Your Friend Panties

If there is ever a time when a good friend is needed, it’s during a divorce or separation. While it is crucial that you are there to support her through the tears of the divorce, a supportive divorce gift is another way to show that you are thinking of her. And, let’s face it: the sadness from divorce is going to take awhile to wear off. Send her a support divorce gift that comes month after month to show her that you are there for her for the long haul. 

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A Superb Divorce Gift: Knickers

With [ENCLOSED] she gets 1, 3, 6 or 12 months of decadent panties delivered surrounded by real flower petals in a grosgrain-ribboned keepsake box that will make her feel beautiful during the post-divorce period. The flowers and the box are the perfect accompaniment to your beautiful divorce gift. The panties themselves are brought to you from the finest European, South American and North American designers. Always sexy, but never vulgar, these knickers are elegant enough to present to even the most conservative woman who is getting divorced. Knickers are a fun gift that’ll perk up even the worst divorce. 

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Panty Gift Options for a Divorce: 1, 3, 6 Or 12 Gift

You can choose between a range of options starting at $55 for a one time divorce gift, up to $500 for a year of panties delivered monthly. These panties are unlike any others. But don’t take it from us, listen to Kate from Chicago, “Super sexy and totally comfortable! New favorite pair of panties!” Or take a look at our featured panties . . .

And in case you are thinking of getting these little luxuries for yourself in the time of a divorce, we of course support your self-indulgence. Who better to take care of you, than you?

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The Best Revenge Is Looking Good After a Divorce

The best way to get back at him during or after a divorce or separation is to look good. To look good, you must feel good. Feel good about yourself or help her to feel good about herself by gifting her knickers as a divorce gift. Below are knickers we've selected. You can request these, see our featured knickers, or just leave the selection up to us.  

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Soon To Be Ex-Husband Can Also Give Divorce Gift

"My soon to be ex husband bought me the six month Shower Her with Knickers gift . . . the nicest gift my stbx has ever gotten me. Thanks for a lovely idea and lovely knickers."

--Diana, New Jersey

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Your Own Separation: Give Yourself A Divorce Gift 

Going through a divorce yourself? We want you to feel great about yourself. While a separation from him can be tough, your divorce shouldn’t make you forget how lovely you are. Remind yourself and love yourself with a great pair of knickers as a divorce gift.


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