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Make Date Night Even More Fun

Date night is good. But how do you make it great? How do you make it fulfill it's original promise of keeping the romance alive? How about a date night gift of lingerie? Specifically, a few options ranging from gorgeous g-strings to beautiful briefs, and every style of thong and boyshort in-between.

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Date Night Romance

[ENCLOSED] is a date night gift like no other, but it's simple; it's like a flower-of-the-month, or a wine-of-the-month, except instead you get (or give) panties. Every month, the lucky woman gets an incredible pair of knickers delivered to her doorstep in luxe, bespoke packaging. And the beauty of it is, the gift keeps on coming for as long as you wish. Choose between our one, three, six and twelve month offerings. Take a peak at some of our extraordinary knickers from around the globe . . .

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Your Date Night Extraordinaire

So, how do you like your date night? Unfortunately, we can only go so far by providing some inspiration for date night. The rest is up to you. But feel free to make special requests. Celebrating date night weekly and want to get your [ENCLOSED] box on a weekly rather than monthly basis? Just let us know during the personalization quiz and we'll be sure to get the knickers to you in time. Care to find out more about our pricing and various options? Have some questions? Let us know how we can help . . .


The Date Night Gift Experience

Every month [ENCLOSED] comes packaged in a discrete white box suitable to be received by the snobbiest doorman, or most the inquisitive office co-worker. Within, the lucky lady finds our classic hard-sided keepsake box that features a color-matched grosgrain ribbon and magnetic closure.

Upon opening the box she will find a bed of eco-friendly freeze dried flower petals. These flowers are harvested direct from the fields then freeze dried to preserve the color, shape and size of the flowers. Of course, we will gladly enclose a gift message free of charge with your first month of [ENCLOSED]. Perhaps take this opportunity to invite her on a special surprise date night? 

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In Our Customer's Own Words . . .

Here are a few sample notes that our customers included in their date night gift boxes.

A luxurious gift for a woman who deserves the very best of everything. Something every month for date night. And these better have a special drawer of their own !

My Love . . . These are date night knickers, so you better line up the dinner reservation while you’re thinking so clearly. . . . Your Man

Here is something sexy so when I take off my skirt on date nights you say "WOW"

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Drop A Hint . . .



Manual trigger

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