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Make Date Night For Couples Even More Fun

Date night is good. But how do you make date night great? How do you make it fulfill it's original promise of keeping the romance alive? How about a couple's date night gift? We have quite a few ideas for great date nights for couples, but the very best one? [ENCLOSED] lingerie delivered monthly for the couple's date night of your dreams.

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Date Night Romance

[ENCLOSED] is a date night couple's gift like no other. It's simple; not unlike like a flower-of-the-month, or a wine-of-the-month gift, except you get date night panties or full lingerie sets delivered monthly instead. Every month, the lucky couple gets an incredible box of underwear or lingerie delivered to their doorstep in luxe, bespoke packaging. And the beauty of it is, the couple's date night gift keeps on coming for as long as you desire, and is a different surprise each month. Choose between our one, three, six and twelve month offerings. Take a peek at some of our extraordinary panties from around the globe . . .

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The Perfect Couple's Date Night Gift

So, how do you like your date night? We start off by providing the couple with some saucy date night lingerie inspiration, and the rest is up to you. You can always make special requests for your couple's date night gift. Celebrating date night weekly and want to get your [ENCLOSED] gift weekly? Just let us know during the personalization quiz. Care to surprise your husband or wife with some sexy date night lingerie? Let us know how we can help . . .

Note, if you are in San Francisco (where we are based) we have some amazing San Francisco date night ideas for you . . .

The Couple's Date Night Gift Experience

Every month the [ENCLOSED] date night gift comes packaged in a discrete box. We'll even mark it with our custom "do not open until date night" sticker. Within, the couple finds a bed of eco-friendly freeze dried flower petals. Then within the flower petals, our date night underwear or date night lingerie set. Of course, we will gladly enclose a personalized gift message from you free of charge with your first month of [ENCLOSED]. Perhaps take this opportunity to invite her on a special surprise date night?

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Date Night Couples: Real Couples, Real Testimonials

We think our date night couples package is amazing, but don't take it from us. Here are a few reviews from real couples.

"A great idea for any special occasion, or even a just because. Forget jewelry or flowers, BUY PANTIES. I also love the concept that I don't know what's coming. They arrive and she wears them for me on date night and it's the first time I've seen them. Would highly recommend to anyone."

-Sean & Valerie, Paramus, NJ

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The Perfect Date Night Couples Gift

"I was beyond thrilled to receive this from my husband. He set up a date day of breakfast in the morning followed by a day of Christmas shopping together. I returned home to the enclosed box on my pillow that started our date night. The curiosity as I opened the box and read his note and the note cards in the box was so intense. I was so excited and pleased with the quality of the panties I received. . . . Thank you so much for keeping my husband Chris and I's marriage hot even after 10 years and 3 children."

Kolleen & Christopher, Nassau, NY

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In Our Customer's Own Words . . .

Here are a few sample notes that our customers included in their date night gift boxes.

A luxurious gift for a woman who deserves the very best of everything. Something every month for date night. And these better have a special drawer of their own !

My Love . . . These are date night knickers, so you better line up the dinner reservation while you’re thinking so clearly. . . . Your Man

Here is something sexy so when I take off my skirt on date nights you say "WOW"

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