Romantic Date Night Ideas

Romantic Date Night Ideas for Committed Couples

Just because you have found that special someone does NOT mean you should stop putting out the effort for date night. Here are a few romantic date night ideas to keep things exciting and sexy in a committed relationship.

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Romantic Date Night Idea One: Sneak into a Swanky Hotel Pool

Breaking the rules can be romantic fun. For this particular date night A) Don’t bring too much stuff – look as if you just came down from your room (think flip flops and a white towel) B) Time your entry so that you walk in just behind some other guests, as if the only reason you didn’t use your key was because the door was already open . . .

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Romantic Date Night Idea Two: Horse Races

Picture the romantic image of couples in exquisitely color coordinated outfits sipping mint juleps and smoking cigars while betting on horses with names like Diamond in the Rough or Royal Supernova. Who knows, you may find yourself brainstorming ideas for your next romantic vacation date to the Kentucky Derby.

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Romantic Date Night Idea Three: Play House

Love kids but not ready for your own? Here’s an idea. Volunteer to babysit a friend’s kid for the date night. You guys can play house and be parents for a romantic night without the commitment. You never know…you might like it…

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Romantic Date Night Idea Four: Cook Dinner Naked

But wear an apron so you leave a little something to be desired. Test out ingredients known for their natural aphrodisiac properties such as pomegranates, honey, oysters, pine nuts, avocados, watermelon, or chocolate. What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

Romanic Date Night Idea Five: Big Kids Games

Truth or Dare – We’re all looking for a good excuse to do something a bit out of line…
Strip Poker – Make sure to wear your best unmentionables underneath.
Arcade Date – Because nothing is more romantic than a little good ol’ fashioned competition.
Roller skating – He says he can’t? All the more reason to plan an arcade date night.
Twister – More fun than partner yoga. The perfect sexy-flexy romantic date night.

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Romantic Date Night Idea Six: Ice Cream Sundays

Remember when going for ice cream was just about the only thing you were old enough to do? Well just because you can do other more “grown up” things doesn’t mean you can’t stick to the classics for date night! Go out for a huge ice cream sundae (with two spoons) on a romantic Sunday. (Don’t even eat your veggies!) And enjoy your night as kids escaping the grown up world for a bit on this romantic date night.

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Romantic Date Night Idea Seven: Play in the Rain

We can’t all get caught in a freak rainstorm at the perfect romantic moment… so we’ll just have to make our own moment for this date night. Be spontaneous; the next time its raining run outside and play in the rain, jump in the puddles and have that moment. When you’re back home and dry, cuddle on the couch with hot toddies and read aloud to each other to make the date night romance everlasting .

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Romantic Date Night Idea Eight: Puppies And Kittens

You may not have the time or energy to raise a puppy or a kitten, but we know you want one. Take a trip down with your romantic love to a local SPCA to visit with furry friends and considering signing up to volunteer or even foster them in your own home. How’s that for an adorably romantic date night?Waking up on a Saturday morning with a kitten curled up next to you doesn’t sound like such a bad idea…

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Romantic Date Night Idea Nine: Botanical Gardens

For a daytime romantic date that will inspire a sense of wonder for the natural world, head to your local botanical garden. Bring a picnic lunch and a camera. Photograph some creepy crawlies.

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Romantic Date Night Idea Ten: First Date Role Play

Pretend that you’ve never met before. Spend the day apart and agree to meet for date night happy hour at a bar in a strange neighborhood. Change something about your appearance; wear a different cologne, a romantic new color of lipstick – even a wig! Buy her drinks and make flirtatious small talk as you get to know each other “for the first time.” Make up a new name. Make up anything you wish…

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Romantic Date Night Idea Eleven: Watch The Sunrise Together

Whoever’s more of a morning person will be in charge of making sure the other actually gets up! Laying out coffee and coats the night before would be a good idea. Set an alarm for 4 AM (or whenever is needed to get somewhere scenic by sunrise.) Sit back and watch with your romantic love. What’s the reward for getting out of bed at the crack of dawn? You can go back . . .

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Ready To Have A Romantic Date Night?

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