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We ship our knickers worldwide. Follow these links for more information on sending a gift to the EU, more information on UK prices and delivery options or more information on Australian prices and delivery options . . . 

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Discretion On The Outside

Every month of [ENCLOSED] comes packaged in a discrete brown box suitable to be received by the snobbiest doorman, or most the inquisitive office co-worker. Within, the lucky lady finds our classic hard-sided keepsake box that features a color-matched grosgrain ribbon and magnetic closure. And we like to note, our luxe boxes are made from at least 80% post-consumer recycled materials. We pay a premium for this, and it’s worth it. 

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Beauty On The Inside

Upon opening the box she will find a bed of eco-friendly freeze-dried flower petals. These flowers are harvested direct from the fields then freeze-dried to preserve the color, shape & size of the flowers. The petals are amazing; they look like fresh petals, are non-staining, bio-degradable and all natural. Finally, within the petals is an organza bag that contains the panties themselves. The lovely thing about the organza bag is it can easily be re-purposed to hold the flower petals as a sachet for her lingerie drawer. 
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Your Note

Of course, we will gladly enclose a gift message free of charge with your first month of [ENCLOSED]. You’ll have the opportunity to write your own note, or select one of ours during the customization process. To get started, just [GIVE ENCLOSED]

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A Note On Being Green

From the beginning of developing [ENCLOSED] we wanted this product to have the lightest environmental footprint possible while still offering a luxury, high-end experience. All our packaging was designed around using a maximum of recycled materials as well as enabling the gift recipient to re-use as much as possible. For instance, our slide-out box is made of over 80% post-consumer recycled materials. We pay more for this, but we believe the investment is worthwhile. Moreover, we designed the box to be "keepsake" and reusable so that it hopefully does not end up in a landfill for many years to come.

The petals are one of the greenest ways to pad the product while providing a little extra panache. The petals are entirely compostable and all natural (with only their natural scent.) Again, we hope you will re-purpose the petals by putting them in the included organza bag making a sweet, all-natural sachet for your knickers drawer.  

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