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The Congratulations Present of Panties

Woohoo! She did it. Did she loose the baby weight? Land a new job? Perhaps you want to congratulate her on meeting her fitness goals? Help her dress herself for the next chapter of her level. That deserves a big congratulations. Celebrate with her by giving her a gift that shows her that you support her and you’re cheering her on.  

Congratulatory Present: New Her, New Knickers

Congratulate her with the exceptionally wonderful present of lingerie (to show her how exceptionally wonderful she is!); have 1, 3, 6 or even a year of gorgeous panties delivered right to her doorstep. Our panties, or knickers as we prefer to call them, are sourced from the finest designers in Italy, France and few select other countries. In her new panties, she can flaunt her achievements - be that fitness or mental - and she’ll feel like a brand new woman, accomplished and ready to take on the world.

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Personalize Your Special Congratulatory Present

Personalize her gift to fit her achievement. Did she just drop a couple sizes? Buy her a smaller style of panties like a tanga or a thong. When you give [ENCLOSED], you take a short preference quiz so that we know which styles, sizes and cuts fit her best.

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Congratulatory Knickers

The following is just a taste of the styles we have to offer. Feel free to make a "special request" of a specific panty, or leave the selection up to us (which is what most people do.)  

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Packed With A Congratulatory Note

When you give [ENCLOSED] you'll get to write her a special note where you can congratulate her on her achievements. Tell her how great she looks or how excited you are for her next chapter to begin.

Upon opening the box she will find a bed of eco-friendly freeze-dried flower petals. Finally, amidst the petals is an organza bag that contains the congratulatory lingerie itself. Every month the panty will be different—one time a surprise fine-lace thong while the next month it might be a spun silk boyshort.


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