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A tasteful ouvert* bikini, the Sweet Popover features a row of buttons down the center back. (For the curious: yes, they can be buttoned and unbuttoned!) Launching in October, with limited availability, this black panty is available exclusively to [ENCLOSED] subscribers, we also carry it in a sweet "Pointe Shoe" pink! To have this delectable number delivered to your doorstop, subscribe today and request the "Sweet Popover" under "Special Requests' during checkout.

* Ouvert is French for "open". As in she stands with open arms. Or an open-crotch panty.


Claudette button back lingerie black

Why The Ladies Love This Knicker

The Sweet Popover’s luxurious black satin is not only stunning but also super silky, sexy, and comfortable. While it sports and ouvert crotch, you would never know it from the outside, so you can be comfortable wearing this sultry number without feeling too, ahem, breezy.  

The Gents Adore It

A few facts. Did you know that nearly 80% of the men who order from us ask that we include the “Decadent Darks” in what we select for their loved ones? And the majority of our male customers that order from our “Clandestine” selection choose the adventurous ouvert cuts. Finally, the fully functional cloth-covered buttons are more than enough to tickle his fancy.

Don't just give her a present. Give her luxury. Give her something unexpected.  

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About Claudette

This piece is made by Claudette, a company owned and operated primarily by women. Claudette is a brand that is unafraid—unafraid of curves, unafraid of unabashed sex appeal. And the knickers? They are made with the loveliest stretch lace, satin, and mesh for fearless comfort that all women love.

Choose Your Surprise

We offer [ENCLOSED] in one, three, six and twelve month packages, ranging from $50 to $500. Whichever you choose, she’ll receive a different pair of panties that are custom selected per your specifications. We guide you through a series of questions that ensure we know enough about her to get the gift right while maintaining the quality of surprise. If you would like the Sweet Popover as a part of your gift, just mention Sweet Popover under "Special Requests", and we'll be happy to oblige . . .


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