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Lingerie: The Perfect Christmas Gift

[ENCLOSED] is all about giving—giving joy, giving luxury, giving love. This year, more than ever, we are all looking to experience connection. With [ENCLOSED] you can create just that needed connection with a friend, with the one you love, or even yourself, as you give and receive surprises month after month.

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Lingerie for Christmas

There are lots of options for your Christmas giving. Want to send her three boxes of Christmas lingerie at a time? Just select our Season of Luxe Knickers and indicate that you want them all delivered at once.

Or have 12 pieces of lingerie delivered over the course of a year. The holidays are the best time of the year, so why only celebrate for one day? Get Christmas lingerie for every month of the year with [ENCLOSED].

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Lingerie for Christmas in Many Styles

The following are a few of the styles we have sent in prior years. But our stock and styles change every month. Our Christmas lingerie runs from poinsettia red to snowy white, while our styles run from a modest bikini to a tiny g-string. We focus on fun, festive colors for the season, but you can make special requests. Check out our sexy panty  page for a full coverage of fantastic lingerie for Christmas options.

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Christmas Lingerie Styles

    Raspberry Chiffon
    Black Magic
    • the lovers sleep set shorts
    Holiday Love Dreams
    • christmas purple velvet sheer black mesh baby
    • christmas purple velvet sheer black mesh baby
    Coup de Foudre

Peek At Our Christmas Panties

    • valentine gift gstrings
    Plummy Gummy

    The most elegant of g-strings, now in a rich deep red fringed with sexy ivory or black lace.

    • christmas green silk thong gstring panty
    Emerald Biscotti

    A not-too-sweet, sexy thong/g-string that goes so nicely with any skin-tone or shape.

    • christmas tanga lace sexy
    • sexy christmas tanga lace
    Cranberry Sauce

    Super-comfortable, superbly-elegant and drenched in seasonal color. This sexy panty should not be reserved for the holidays.

    • sexy silk gstring panty
    Hot Cross Buns

    A simply sexy g-string with a criss-cross twist of smooth silk. Yum.

    • green xmas sexy
    • xmas green sheer tanga
    Green Apple Pie

    Bright green contrasts with sharp black in this classic, sexy bikini. Jingle all the way.

    • twin strap tanga bikini lace sexy
    Double Lace Cookie

    Abstract lace patterns are offset by two elegant twin straps. A totally addicting bikini for the modern woman.

    • black lace tanga red bow panty sexy
    • black lace tanga red bow undies
    Cherry On Top *

    Everything is better with a cherry on top. Likewise, knickers are better with bows.
    Exclusively for 6 and 12 month subscribers.

    • green christmas side tie thong sexy underwear
    • green christmas side tie thong sexy
    A Side of Green Berries *

    Innocently sexy with side-tie bows. All silk, all green, all ruffles and fun. Serious dessert. (And yes, the sides tie and untie.)

    • sexy sheer white boyshort
    • sheer white lace boy bridal sexy
    Lady Fingers

    An iconic, classic delight for the most dainty of ladies. Is this ivory coloured boyshort or thong your cup of tea?

    • red christmas bikini tanga
    • bikini underwear red christmas
    Christmas Candy

    What’s sheer and floral and smooth all over? Why it would be the sweetest of Christmas candy knickers.

    • white string bridal panties back
    • white string bridal panties front
    Vanilla Twin Popsicles

    Double the fun. Twin-sided and pure sweetness. Order them before they melt.

    • example of gift sexy knicker thong
    • black sheer garter thong sexy
    Chocolate Mousse *

    A seriously elegant thong replete with boned sides and removable garters.

    • red christmas thong boy panty sexy
    Marzipan Bows

    The simple detail of a lie-flat bow perfectly balances the sheer flattery of this boyshort. Scalloped in the front, and just the right amount of cheek in the back.

    Double Candy Apple

    Double-dipped in lace, with an enticing band across her hips. A dramatic bikini for this holiday season.

    • sexy Boyshort
    • sexy Cheeky Boyshort model
    Chocolate Sprinkles

    At first you think you are only getting the sprinkles. Then you realize there is a whole serving of delight. Nearly-sheer mesh from cheek to hip, these are more than a sprinkling of fun.

    • red ruffle sexy christmas panties
    • red ruffle sexy christmas bikini
    Christmas Cotton Candy

    Ruffles! But smooth under clothing! How is that possible? Only with the finest, sheerest mesh in Christmas-delight red.

[ENCLOSED] Lingerie for Christmas: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The beauty of this gift is, it doesn’t end when the tree starts to lose its needles. For months after you’ll be enjoying and recalling the fun of this unique gift. Intimate and romantic, lingerie for Christmas is the perfect way to share the holidays with that special someone.

Looking for a sexy Hanukkah gift instead?

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Christmas Lingerie

Responses to our Christmas lingerie giveaway.


  1. I really like the idea of your store front, and the styles that you have. My wife is currently assigned to South Korea (we’re in the Army), but will be home for a Christmas break. This would be an awesome way to surprise her and spice things up.


  2. This will be great for my girlfriend to have more confidence in her and spice things up more with some role playing

  3. My wife and I just welcomed our first born daughter, and I have a feeling that something from your collection is just what her, and her confidence, needs to bring a festive spice, and color, to the Holidays!!

  4. A friend introduced me to your line of products, saying he and his wife were more than pleased with the quality and selection you offer… reviewing the Christmas selections, I must see he is on to something! I have never really invested, if you will, in undergarments for my wife, but would love to surprise her with a selection of your choice… who knows, I may have just found something to bring a little extra Holiday Cheer to the season ahead of us, and may be reason enough to be back again in the New Year!!!

    Thanks for this offer,


  5. I like the styles that you have on your website. I think my girlfriend would love these and would be a lot of fun.

  6. I would love to get something for my wife. She has been working so hard to be healthy and has now lost more then 50lbs. I know something like this would make her feel amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to make her feel as sexy as she is.

  7. I really like the options available. This would be great for my Wife. She would love them!


  8. I would love to have my girlfriend wear these, we always role play and this is different from your average Mr and MRS Claus during the holidays. Willing to review on blogs and YouTube for a pair if allowed, there’ll be great on her.

  9. I’ve never gotten my girlfriend lingerie and I’d love to spice it up and give her some this holiday (and also celebrate 3 years together).

  10. Christmas is a special time of year for families. And if you live a military life, like our family, it can be hard to spend together when one is deployed. So if you are blessed with them coming home for the holidays and as soon as the adults have some alone time, it would be a great welcome home gift 😉

  11. This sight looks amazing it’s a great idea for gifts I would love to try a sample to see the fit and feel of your products I’m always looking for fun things to try and wear for my husband and it would be a great gift for him and me who knows could be a new subscription we look forward to 🙂

  12. I would love to give my girlfriend the opportunity to try out this beautiful lingerie. She has always been shy but this gift might give her the confidence I try to tell her she should already have.

  13. I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to try some of your products! For awhile now I haven’t been feeling like myself. My husband left overseas for a deployment in the beginning of the year and as so many would think a steamy reunion when he got home right? Well not in my case because I was over 9 months pregnant and could barely wobble around. My son is now 2 months and sadly I just don’t feel like my sexy self. I used to wear lingerie and sexy matching bras and panties and lately I wear a big shirt to bed and call it a night. My husband tries to get me in the mood and he tells me I look beautiful but it’s hard to believe when you don’t feel it. I still have some baby fat I’m trying to get rid of but I’m ready to get back to my old self and strut what the good lord gave me!

    Thank you for reading.

    Sincerely, Nichole

    • Nichole, we FEEL you. It’s really hard to be in the mood two months after giving birth. Good for you for even thinking about it! And the baby fat is no joke. But good luck. You’ve got this!

  14. What better way to keep the romance going after 20+ years of marriage. Every day together is just like the first day we met. Besides, he still likes to see me in sexy lingerie. Please consider me for the free gift.

    Thank you in advance.

  15. My wife and I will be celebrating our first marriage anniversary and I would love to give her a gift as unique as yours. She is a hard core Christmas fanatic so what better of a gift then something sexy and in the Christmas spirit as well!

  16. Who doesn’t love lingerie? I am currently pregnant and haven’t been buying lingerie due to my figure being all out of whack.

  17. I am looking for my girlfriend. It would be fun to see her in cute panties. She does basic panties and I think she deserves a new look. I am also selfish and think it would be great for me to see her in a new look, too!

  18. I’ve never heard of this website but I really love what I’ve seen so far. I’d love to try out a sample of your lingerie. It would be a great way to spice up this holiday season with my boyfriend!

  19. I think all Christmas is sexy,when the lites are a glow an the kids are all nestled in their beds,its time to feel pretty when you head off to bed..

  20. I would love to sample the Christmas lingerie. I have not had a new lingerie since i had my child 3years and on 4th year of marragie. Need something sexy to surprise my husband with. Please and thank you

  21. Would love to have a free pair of lingerie my Husband and I will be celebrating 9 years of marriage and 22 years of being together on Dec28 and I would love to surprise him with a extra Christmas present 🙂

  22. I would love some lingerie. I have have not had any sexy lingerie in forever.It would be a great Christmas gift.

  23. This would be great surprise for my fiance on our wedding night. He’ll be coming home for Christmas for about two weeks before he deploys.(He’s in the Army) It be a nice romantic gift for me to surprise him.
    Thank You So Much!

  24. 11 years with my hubby!! This would be a great surprise! Especially something for the holidays!!!
    Thank you!

  25. I love anything with bows! I’d love to flaunt a pair. Lingerie gives me a confidence boost. NEED! #achristmaspresenttomyself

  26. I like the styles like Christmas cotton candy with ruffles thank you again for the Christmas spirit this season please contact me would really like to try

  27. I would love a sample of the Enclosed Christmas lingerie to surprise my boyfriend with this holiday. I am never spontaneous and thie will wow him.

  28. What a great way to surprise my boyfriend each month. Ordering online and having it mailed to house makes it that much easier. I think I will let him help pick items out and even start checking the mail.

  29. I need refresh my relation with my really hard to find some cute lingerie to holidays.
    I be gratefull if you could send me a sample.

  30. Life is all about trying new things and the the excitement is to find something that you may actually like for ever. It is a win win relation.

  31. I really love the names of the undies how clever! Would love to surprise the hubby on date night with some cranberry sauce!!

  32. I would love some new lingerie to spice up my relationship I would love this gift to feel sexy for my self and hubby 🙂

  33. I would love to surprise my boyfriend for Christmas ! I can’t afford to buy him a present. So this would be mine to him!

  34. My boyfriend always tells me I’m so sweet and nice. Soooo I’d love to show him I can be a bit naughty and sassy. Thank you for opportunity

  35. i never have the money to treat myself with fancy things so i would love to get some for free. and i’m sure my boyfriend would appreciate it also!

  36. I dont wear sexy lingerine , I really want to try these out because they are cute and would be a good start

  37. So glad you guys are doing this cute little giveaway! I’ve been following you guys on social media for so long! Just had a baby not too long ago and things are boring. Need to find time to relax with the hubby and start feeling sexy again. Let’s start with these 🙂

  38. I would love a sample! I’ve always wanted to try some sexy lingerie but have been so scared! Any help would be appreciated! Can’t wait!

  39. Would love to sample your lingerie. The pieces shown are beautiful and sexy. My husband would definitely be appreciative! And maybe Santa would bring me more.

  40. Hi will love received Christmas lingerie to wear for my husband for holidays. This be my first pair sexy lingerie i had forever.we planning get married soon also

  41. I’d love to celebrate 3 years with my girlfriend to spice things up with this, thank you for consideration.

  42. I am pregnant and feeling anything but sexy! These gorgeous panties are just what I need to get into the holiday spirit (and my hubby will absolutely love them!)

  43. Why do I want a sample? BECAUSE your lingerie is freaking amazing looking! If it’s as comfortable as it is sexy then I know it’ll be worth the $ and I can make sure to give my girl friends a heads up for a good surprise Christmas gift to wear for their husbands! Woot woot!

  44. My girlfriend would look fabulous in one of your delicious garments. What a nice way to say happy holidays!

  45. I would love a sample to see exactly how its is and feels. Im definitely looking for something sexy to buy my girlfriend for Christmas and would love a sample.

  46. My girlfriend has always been really interested in lingerie but she doesn’t know where to start, and neither do I. This would be a wonderful surprise for the both of us. 🙂

  47. Would love to see the expression on my girlfriends face hen she see’s them in her stocking. Maybe get her to get more for those special nights.

  48. What a novel concept! I have seen (and subscribed to) many different subscription boxes in the past, but I have never seen one featuring lingerie before! I would love to try a sample of your products to see if this is the right option for me. I am definitely interested in this idea! And I’m sure my boyfriend would be too!

  49. I’d love to try-I love seeing my girlfriend in hot little panties. Helps keep thinks interesting in the bedroom!

  50. New girlfriend would look great in it im sure. She super hott and she could definitely make it look good.

  51. I am 20 weeks pregnant, its hard to feel sexy at the time for my husband, im definitely sure new lingerie would make me feel great, my husband and I would greatly appreciate it.

  52. Every year my girlfriend and I try to go all out on Christmas, this definitely will spice things up and put the cherry on top! A great way for me to feel sexy again 🙂

  53. Love your lingerie, would be so nice to treat my girlfriend to a piece of it. Things have gotten a little stale between us and I believe this would do the trick of getting things the way they used to be before her accident. Please help, thank you so much!

  54. I would love a sample to give to my girlfriend. Definitely interested in a 12 month subscription. Maybe a sample would help her decide?

  55. I’d love to try these out. I’m looking for lingerie that’s better than Victoria’s Secret.

  56. I’d love to surprise my girlfriend with this. Your lingerie look very sexy. We need some spark.

  57. My boy friend is in the military and we barely get to see one another. He was able to get leave for Christmas this year and I’d love to surprise him with a personal gift. He hasn’t had leave for Christmas in over 3 years. I want this one to be special and memorable.

  58. Hi I would to try your sexy lingerie please.! I am getting Married on Valentine’s Day and this would really be a great surprise for my soon to be hubby!!! Please… and thank you for this opportunity!

  59. In looking at your panty selection, they appear to be a quality product and my wife will look stunning in your products!!!

  60. My wife is recovering from CANCER and could use something to cheer her up in the coming Christmas Season.

  61. Christmas is my wife’s favorite time of year. I would love to surprise her with something sexy to help celebrate! Thanks for this incredible opportunity.

  62. I have enjoyed qhat I’ve seen so far from the site, and would absolutely love to try some for my wife as a surprise gift! She always says I would never buy her lingerie, but if she likes what she gets from you guys, I know where to get more!

  63. I would love the Christmas one for my wife so she can put it on, on Christmas Eve. Perhaps it’ll be a little gift also. Thank you very much.

  64. i would like to gift it to my wife for our first anniversary in December. Liked your styles and colors!!!!! would love to get one..

  65. Wow, I have never seen anything like these, and I worked at Victorias Secret for five years. This would be amazing to try on , my boyfriend would go crazy lol. Really nice product you have here.

  66. I would love the Christmas one for my wife so she can put it on, on Christmas Eve. Perhaps it’ll be a little gift also. Thank you very much.

  67. I would love to win this for my wife. She is my rock, my best friend, she’s my everything. My wife is also plus size and very self conscious of the way that she looks so this would be a perfect gift for her so that she could feel confident and sexy.

  68. Would love to get one of these for my wife! She has always wanted lingerie but, they’re always too expensive and she doesn’t want to waste money on herself. I’d love to get a sample to show her that I love her and help make her feel sexy even though she is always sexy in my eyes. I know she will love the sample!

  69. I would love to have one of those panties for my wife is sexy but she would look really sexy in one of those sexy lingerie and our bedroom experience would be 100 % perfect.i would really love to see my wife in one of those beautiful and sexy lingerie.
    Mark A. Cummins

  70. My wife and I will be celebrating our 20th Christmas this year. Your lingerie would be an excellent way to enjoy our Christmas together.
    Thank you!

  71. Hi, I would love Christmas lingerie because for the first time in a year my fiance and I will be together for Christmas, I would love to make it a surprise for him as I normally do not wear sexy panties and I think it would knock his socks off. Thank you!!

  72. I would love to receive a sample for my girlfriend, because beauty and sexy is always a holiday treat. I know this will be something both her and I will really love

  73. I would absoltely love to try your Christmas lingerie! It’s my birthday month and my husband would be so excited!!? thanks so much!!

  74. I’m a just new empty nester and would love to add some spice and holiday cheer in the bedroom for the hubby!!!?

  75. I now live in Iowa and there are not any good places to buy lingerie, I miss being in the Twin Cities with all their options.

  76. The wife and I have been married for 15 years.
    Always looking for something to spice up the

    Contact me and help me mix it up.

  77. What a terrific idea. I can’t think of a better gift for my lovely wife going on ten years.

  78. I would love to get some new lingerie for my wife. She loves getting little surprises that make her feel good.

  79. Well, I haven’t had time to be romantic my wife in awhile. We both have been super busy this year with our careers and family affairs. It would be wonderful to surprise my lovely wife with your lingerie this Christmas. She definitely love lingerie that makes her feels sexy and confident. Please help me put a smile on her face this year. Thanks guys!

  80. Well, I haven’t had time to be romantic my wife in awhile. We both have been super busy this year with our careers and family affairs. It would be wonderful to surprise my lovely wife with your lingerie this Christmas. She definitely love lingerie that makes her feels sexy, beautiful and confident. Please help me put a smile on her face this year. Thanks guys!

  81. My wife is currently assigned to South Korea (we’re in the Army), but will be home for a Christmas break. This would be an awesome way to surprise her and spice things up.

  82. I have never bought my girlfriend lingerie but I would like to start with these for Christmas.

  83. My wife and I are recently married. She is still kind of shy about this kind of thing. I have caught her looking at a couple of websites Similar to this one. When I ask her if she is interested in getting some she always makes excuses of why she shouldn’t price being one of them. If we were to receive this sample I know she would love it.

  84. Last year at Christmas time I was pregnant with twins. I haven’t been wearing lingerie since. I think I better put a little santa hat on and some undies from tall with stilettos and rock his Christmas for waiting all of this time!

  85. I am currently pregnant and due around Christmas time. It would be awesome to have one last romantic night with my hubby before baby comes!

  86. we are gonna celebrate our anniversary this dec and love to surprise my wife with some new lingerie.

  87. Everything on this site is beautiful… I would love to surprise my husband on Christmas morning!

  88. My amazing girlfriend and I would love to sample your lingerie for the upcoming Christmas season!

  89. Not only are your undies so beautiful, but I love the colors and cuts of them. I know my husband would enjoy unwrapping that present on Christmas!!

  90. I live your lingerie it is flirty and fun. I would wear it with no hesitations. Thank you for such great choices. Happy holidays to you.

  91. I would love to try and spice things up again with my fiancé we both work so hard we barely have us time and a new pair of panties might help that lol. They are so cute..

  92. I really like what I have seen of the website so far. Great job! I would really like to try a sample of your lingerie to spice up my holidays and of course if it is all it seems to be I will be back for more…move over Victoria’s Secret I think you have competition!

  93. Would love to try out and see how the Christmas lingerie fits and leave a great and inspiring comment on quality fit and like and also to purchase more products from you

  94. I have lost a few pounds and want to surprise my honey with something super sexy,and this looks like the place!

  95. I would love a sample. My husband had a rough time this past year and surprising him with me wearing these would make his day!

  96. These lingerie is beautiful and would be an amazing gift for any lucky lady this holiday season! I sure hope someone gets me something cute and puts it under the tree!!

  97. This is such a great idea, my finance loves a surprise and this is a gift we’ll both enjoy. A sample would be great to see if she likes the material, shes a picky woman lol

  98. Dear KnickerGram I Me And My Girlfriend Really Love Your Hot Holiday Season Lingerie I Will Defeintely Buy Her Lingerie From Your Website She Love’s Everything That You Sell.

  99. I would love if I could get my girlfriend an extra stocking stuffer as amazing as some of these!

  100. I think that my girlfriend would definitely love many of these designs. It would be great to try one.

  101. This would make the perfect surprise Christmas gift!!! My wife always tries to snoop. And A sample before buying…..perfect!!

  102. I would love to see how these are to see if I can talk with Santa about getting me some of these amazing lingerie. 🙂

  103. I love this idea. What a great way to surprise the love of my life. My husband loves when i dress up sexy for him.. I would love to sample this to see if he likes it and it can be a Xmas gift for both of us.. ???

  104. The names of the Christmas Lingerie pieces are GREAT! I would love to get my wife a sample of these and then more in the future as they look amazing and would look even more amazing on her!

  105. My wife of 8 years is hot without lingerie so I know she’ll look hot in these and our anniversary is in 12 days.

  106. With two kids, its hard to spice things up. My wifes a fan of other subscription clubs, and I just know she will LOVE this. I have a feeling I will too

  107. For the man who has everything, what better than some sexy lingerie for his wife to wear for him!

  108. Perfect way to spice it up a little. Especially sent being pregnant. My husband will love the surprise and not see it coming.

  109. I’d love to try a beautiful article of your lingerie! I’ve tried many different brands but yours seems to be very sexy and well made. Explaining each piece with detail. Love it. I’d appreciate a sample and I’m sure my husband would like it as well. Thanks again!

  110. I am in need of a new sexy pair of underwear and the best part about it is when someone else picks them out for you.

  111. This is really cool. My wife would be so surprised if I were able to get her a gift like this!

  112. For my beautiful wife who not only is my rock but because of her I am a better man and she has opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed. She doesn’t believe she is sexy but pregnancy is extremely sexy and she is too

  113. For my beautiful wife who not only is my rock but because of her I am a better man and she has opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed. She doesn’t believe she is sexy but pregnancy is extremely sexy and she is too

  114. I need a sexy new pair of underwear. All mine are old and played out. I would love to surprise my man.

  115. Would love the opportunity to surprise my wife with some intimate lingerie. Looks like quality items!

  116. I would love to get my wife something new and special to spice things up. And she would look beautiful in them!

  117. After 33 years I reunited with my soon to be wife. She has served our country and now will be home for Christmas. I would love to give her something sexy as she deserves it.

  118. Being an avid Victoria’s Secret shopper, the styles every year are “meh” at best around Christmas and seem to be the same designs. Just looking through the different lingerie options at enclosed, I fell in lust with a couple different ones! (Plus I know my fiancé would LOVE to see me in almost ALL of them!) Also, the concept of the gift that keeps on giving-even throughout the year!-is fabulous! I can’t wait to try em out and to become and a satisfied customer! ?

  119. A girl can never have to many pairs of sexy underwear! I enjoy getting many new styles and colors just so I feel good myself.

  120. I love to dress my girlfriend up in sexy clothes whenever I can, She my be 59 years old but she is really beautiful and sexy to me.

  121. I never thought a website like this could be here but im glad it is im a newly wed and i just had my baby 3 months ago and would really love to show myself and my hubby i still got it

  122. My wife is becoming a l just l self conscious since we had our son seven months age. But to me shes still the same beautiful person I fell in love with an I would love to give her a gift like this.

  123. I’m having a baby in a week or so, whenever she decides to make her surprise debut, and would love to have a special pair of underwear to flaunt around the house while my body is transforming. My husband will be pleasantly surprised since the last time I got new undies was 3 years ago when I was pregnant with our last child and he actually went shopping for me.

  124. I would love to give my girlfriend the opportunity to try out this beautiful lingerie. She has always been shy but this gift might give her the confidence I try to tell her she should already have. and it would give me a little extra arousal

  125. I would love to surprise my wife with something new. I have sent her other gifts that come each month and she always looks forward to it. This would give me something to look forward to as well.

  126. Your selection of panties are amazing and would make a perfect gift for me to surprise my husband with.

  127. Christmas, my husbands bday (26) and our anniversary (19) are ALL in the same week…this would be a gift that beats a tie, or a robe…after 10 years and 3 kids always looking for the gift that doesn’t scream ” look what my kids made”.

  128. I can’t come up with a gift for a man who has it all (my boyfriend) but a pair of these and some candles could be the perfect present to him.

  129. I would love them to surprise my hubby with on Christmas Eve!! This would be such a fun way to start off our first Christmas spent together

  130. I have been with my wife for over 20 years. And I got her a sexy lingerie once and it was incredible. But then after her three pregnancies she does not feel sexy any more. I keep trying to tell her she is as beautiful now as the first day we got together. I want her to feel sexy and positive of her self. That is why I would like a pair for her. Thank You.

  131. my wife doesnt think sexy undies are for moms. well she is stunning and I want her to know it! She says she doesnt feel pretty, i want to show her she is the most beautiful woman ever. She wants more confidence, and maybe a pair of pretty panties will make her feel special.

  132. holidays are coming and I would love to give my wife something to make her feel good about her self. Make her feel sexy and appreciated.

  133. holidays are coming and I would love to give my wife something to make her feel good about her self and feel like she is sexy and appreciated.

  134. I have been told by a couple of friends that you have beautiful, quality lingerie. I would love to sample it and see for myself.

  135. I think my wife is sexy in whatever she is wearing. What I want is get her something that will make HER feel sexy in what she is wearing and let her know how much I think the world of her.

  136. I would love to send my wife a special gift to show her how much I appreciate her beautiful body. I am also curious about your products and services and whether or not I want to become a permanent subscriber. As the saying goes, this could kill two birds with one stone. Thank you very much!

  137. I would like sample cause she and I love lingerie and it will spice thing up a little more I thank you very much.

  138. This sight looks amazing it’s a great idea for gifts I would love to try a sample to see the fit and feel of your products I’m always looking for fun things to try and wear for my husband and it would be a great gift for him and me who knows could be a new subscription we look forward to

  139. There’s nothing like having a pair of super cute lingerie at Christmas. After all the festivities it would be wonderful to have a pair of these in order to relax and enjoy them. Good luck everyone. I hope I can get a pair. ❤️

  140. I have never seen such an amazing and beautiful lingerie ever in my life. The 100% best fit would be perfect for me to wear, it is so hard for me to find a perfect fitting lingerie. I would love to try this out and share with others how much i love it. My husband might enjoy this too!!

  141. I would Love to try this lovely lingerie! The thought of having something lacy and sensuous is a great way to reward myself!

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