Christmas Lingerie Gift Reviews: The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Real reviews from real men and women who have subscribed to [ENCLOSED]. Learn more about the monthly subscription husbands and wives say are perfect for Christmas presents (that can last all year!)


It’s like Christmas and Valentine’s Day once a month!!!

-Steven, Erin, New York

Chistmas Valentines panty month customer

"I was beyond thrilled

I was beyond thrilled to receive this from my husband. He set up a date day of breakfast in the morning followed by a day of Christmas shopping together. I returned home to the enclosed box on my pillow that started our date night. The curiosity as I opened the box and read his note and the note cards in the box was so intense. I was so excited and pleased with the quality of the panties I received.

Thank you so much for keeping my husband Chris and I’s marriage hot even after 10 years and 3 children.
Happy Holidays!

Kolleen S., Nassau, NY

Marriage Hot customer testimonial

"Christmas every month in the mail for a year!"

Absolutely LOVE the knicker ladies and the knickers of course. BY FAR the best gift from my man. It was like Christmas every month in the mail for a year! They have the best choices are comfortable and made only with the best high quality material

-Shawna Lueth Monien, via Facebook, Wausau, Wisconsin

"Wonderful product"

Just wanted to say that your company is fantastic. Gave a 3 month gift to my girlfriend for last Christmas. She promptly got it for her sister and another friend. Wonderful product, terrific website–just can’t be happier or more impressed. Thanks!

-Chris, Hightstown, New Jersey

"she loved them"

Got the undies … and …. she loved them! I couldn’t wait for her to get them for xmas. We had an amazing time together … it was THE FIRST sexy undies that she has ever been given (did I mention she’s a scientist)?

-Walter, Menlo Park, California


xmas sexy romantic undies panty month customer

Great experience to remind her that I still find her sexy.

Love your product and the way it makes my wife feel… Purchased a subscription for my wife for Christmas after she had our fourth child. It was a great experience to remind her that I still find her sexy.

– Joseph, Des Moines, Washington,

"They’re so luxurious and really make me feel confident and sexy."

I absolutely love New Knickers Day every month. My boyfriend gave me this subscription for Christmas, and I’ve been incredibly happy with the quality of the product as well as the level of service I’ve received. After my January Mimi Holliday pair I didn’t think it could get any better until my box arrived today. They’re so luxurious and really make me feel confident and sexy. Thank you Knicker Ladies!
– Audrey Lynn, Indianapolis, IN

Audrey Lynn reviewed Enclosed 5 star

"A fun thing to get every month." 

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that the knickers were wonderful! I go them as a Christmas present from my husband and it was a fun thing to get every month. 

Hailey S., North Bay Ontario, Canada

"It's like Christmas every month!" 

The underwear are amazing and I look forward to my next box. It’s like Christmas every month! 

Lindsey B., Casper, WY