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Reluctant Knicker Cleaning Experts: Caring & Cleaning Your Panty Collection

Frosted white-lace bikinis decorated with crystals, a red intricately laced thong, a sheer dark berry girlshort-style tanga. What’s in your panty collection? We adore our panties and we know you do as well. You love beautiful panties and have been indulging in a few (okay more than just a few). You have heaps of everyday Hanky Pannkies, hit-the-gym sports panties and several pairs of pricier delights, but you’ve been thinking about purchasing a few more pairs of sexy luxury panties (also known as designer knickers) for those special nights or particular occasion to start a lingerie collection to last you a lifetime.
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The Risks Of Improper Care

Who doesn’t want a panty drawer full of silky ribbons, intricate eyelash-lace, and dollops of colorful stain–one that’s certainly not your Grandmother’s panty collection. So start collecting but don’t be surprised if your favorite pair of sexy, date-night panties are snagged and torn after a trip in the dryer or your ivory bridal panties are discolored after washing them in the same load as your hiking shorts. The panties in your panty collection are made of delicate fabrics. Don’t fret; not only have we scoured Europe for the best selection of panties in quality, design and comfort for you but we also have a few tips on how to keep your delicate panties fresh and looking beautiful for as long as possible. 

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Fancy Pants: Your Date Night Knickers

First, take a careful look at the manufacturer’s laundry care label on each garment to ensure the proper way to wash your panty. If you’re having a bit of trouble deciphering the code on the label, see below for a little infographic that may help.

Ultrasonic Lingerie Cleaning: Dolfi

We've recently come across a fantastic new lingerie cleaning device, the Dolfi. Learn more about Dolfi's powers at cleaning your bras, panties and other fine washables here . . . 

Dry-Cleaning: Investing in Panty Collection Care

If your garment’s label says “Dry-Clean Only”, ideally do that. Otherwise . . .

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Hand Washing: Our Recommended Approach for Your Panty Collection

Spend a little bit of extra time in caring for your panties. It’s far better for your panty collection if you hand-wash them, especially if the panties have extra beading or special trims.


  • Fill the sink with cool or lukewarm water and soak your lingerie from 45 minutes to an hour. Keep in mind that if the water is too warm, the elastics in your panties will breakdown and your panties will shrink. Luckily, cooler water can ‘shock’ elasticized panties closer to their original shape.
  • After soaking, pour a small amount of detergent (about a teaspoon) and gently rub the fabric together to remove any spots or stains.

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  • Always use a mild detergent or a specially designed lingerie wash to clean your panty collection. Never use a washing machine detergent, Woolite, or any product containing bleach as these will be too harsh on your panties and can deteriorate the elastic.
  • Our favorite detergent is a jasmine scented, non-toxic Eucalan called Wrapture. Eucalan’s products are all free of any synthetic fragrances, dyes, optical brighteners and phosphates that can break down delicates. Jasmine’s aphrodisiac qualities are perfect for use on all master bedroom linens or lingerie. Enclosed six and twelve month subscribers receive a travel size version of Wrapture in one of their monthly boxes.


  • Rinse your panties well in cool water until the water runs clear. Rinse once again to remove any trace of suds left.


    • Avoid the temptation to twist your knickers to wring them out, instead finish by gently drying them inside a soft towel.
    • Lay your panty flat on a towel and then lay another towel over the first one and press to remove any excess water.
    • Afterwards, let your garments to lay flat against the towel to dry.
    • Do not hang up your panty collection to dry, as they may stretch and be ruined.
    • Throwing your panties in the dryer is a big no-no, it may save time but your panties will come out looking less than perfect. Unless of course you were a little bit too frisky last night . . . Ahem.

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Washing Machine: The Last Resort

Ideally, you would always hand-wash your panty collection, but let’s be honest- sometimes there’s simply no time (We know ladies have busy schedules between juggling jobs, saving the world and looking fabulous, so hand-washing your panty collection may require more time than you can spare).
  • When using the washing machine, remember to always place your panties in a mesh bag (or a knotted pillow case), with like colors, to ensure your knickers won’t snag and tear.
  • Always use gentle detergent in cool water on the delicate cycle If you machine-wash your panties, do not put them in the dryer afterwards.
  • Follow the drying steps listed above. Did we ever mention to never put a part of your panty collection in the dryer!
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Basic Knickers

For your basic cotton knickers, you can machine wash them to save time. Simply place them in a mesh bag and follow the same steps for your panty collection. Again, we must stress to avoid use of the evil dryer.

Sports & Wicking Knickers

Sports or Wicking Knickers are made of a different material than your delicate panties, but you still need to follow specified care instructions to ensure the material doesn’t become prematurely worn.

  • You can wash your sports knickers by hand or use the gentle cycle in the washing machine. If washing in the washing machine, always place your knickers in a mesh bag to protect them.
  • Use cold water to maintain color and laundry detergent to remove stains or odors. If there is an especially stubborn odor, you can add baking soda to the washing water.
  • If washing by hand, use a mild detergent to remove stains or odors in cold water. To dry, follow the same directions as with your fancy panties, and dry using a towel. And did we mention, do not use the evil dryer!

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Infographic On Deciphering Your Wash Tag

So, yes, we are the lingerie experts. Care to put some of our fabulous pieces on your hips? (Or give a pair to a lucky lady in your life?)

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