Cancelation Policies

Canceling or Pausing Monthly Billing

Monthly billing customers may pause or cancel their subscription at any time up to four business day prior to their monthly renewal date. Please email us directly to cancel your monthly billing subscription. Once your subscription has renewed we are unable to cancel the order, issue a refund for that order, or accept a returned box for refund.

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Multi-Month Cancelation Policy

All multi-month subscriptions (e.g. 3, 6 or 12 month packages) will automatically expire after the subscription term is complete and do not auto-renew. Multi-month subscriptions cannot be canceled. If on a case-by-case basis we make an exception to this policy these case-by-case cancelations are subject to a 25% early termination fee (which may be in addition to any returned item replenishment fee.) Your refund will be pro-rated based upon the single-month price.

Customers that sign-up through Tapjoy are subject to a $50 early termination fee for any cancelation for any purchase at any time.

We invite you to review the details on our Customer Service Philosophy here.

For information on returns, exchanges and refunds please see our Returns Policy.