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How To Buy Her Lingerie Without Looking Sleezy

So the ladies loooove fine lingerie. But for you, the gentlemen, it is a challenging purchase. Here are a few tips on how to buy her some decadent lacies without coming across as a self-serving sleeze-ball or implying in-any-way that you want anything other than to make her happy.

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1. Bras are hard.

Let’s just get that out there. With a sizing system that challenges the most well-intentioned mathematician, bras are extremely hard. Even once you get the size right, the chances of it fitting are one in eight. Solution? We suggest sticking with fun panties or a stretchy camisole.

2. Things don’t have to match.

90% of women don’t match their bras and panties on a daily basis. Better to pick one beautiful piece than try to create a complicated garter, thong and brassiere ensemble.

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3. Sizing is (surprisingly) simple.

Generally panties run extra-small, small, medium, large or extra-large. 90% of the time you are right on your first guess. If you are unsure, raid her panty drawer and see what sizes she has. And when in doubt, go up a size, as a loose fit is far sexier than a muffin top. (Here is a little guide that might help:

4. Black Lace Thongs vs. Pink Ruffled Boyshorts: What style to get her.

Pick pieces in shades that she often wears. For fabrics and styles remember this is a gift, so when in doubt go for the decadent and different. Just because she wears white cotton thongs everyday does not mean she wants that from you. However . . . (see number 5)

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5. Don’t scare her.

Don’t get her something totally out of her wheelhouse. If you have never ever seen her in a g-string, don’t go there. What is going to make her delighted and look awesome is feeling beautiful, so choose a cut that you have seen her in before. Again, when in doubt, raid the panty drawer.

6. Get beyond Victoria’s Secret.

While omni-present, you’ll get huge points for finding her something from a small boutique or an edgy new brand rather than from a big-box store. Also, don’t want to enter a store? Shop online. Nuff said.

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7. How to keep it un-sleazy.

This is critical. You don’t want the gift to appear self-serving. The secret? Pair it with a romantic note (no innuendo) that tells her how you feel about her. Avoid writing your darkest tawdry fantasy at this time. You can do that later. Also see number 8.

8. Packaging is everything.

Us girls are suckers for gorgeous boxes, ribbons and bows. You could give us a stale Tootsie Roll in a beautiful keepsake box and we would probably still love it.

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9. Know How to give it to her.

Dearest gentlemen, don’t send lingerie to her office. Don’t present it in front of her great-great aunt Gertrude. Do make it a surprise to be shared just between the two of you.

10. Next Steps Are Up to Her.

Don’t ask her to model the lingerie then and there. Don’t make any assumptions. If she wants to treat you to a private dance, great. If not, let her surprise you. That’s half the fun.

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Ready To Totally Impress Her?

Ready to totally impress her with your newfound lingerie know-how? We’re the lingerie pros, and would be more than happy to help you customize the perfect gift for that special lady.

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