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Present Your Bridesmaids With Panties

You want your wedding to be different and unforgettable. Instead of giving your bridesmaids the cliché gifts that they’ll never use again, how about making your wedding day more fun with a unique, luxurious bridesmaid gift? Panties! 

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Wedding Panties On-Trend

With all the matchy-matchy outfits and day-of-ceremony duties, being a bridesmaid can mean feeling a tad underappreciated. How about making it a bit more fun with a unique bridesmaid present? Why not give them a level of luxury they normally never indulge in? With [ENCLOSED], you can treat your bridesmaids to the decadent experience of having personalized, beautiful panties delivered in custom packaging, tailored to her specific size. Do it for your wedding day so that they all can match from head to toe, or even do it for the months leading up to your wedding too. They’ll thank you for making them feel special and they’ll love how they match your wedding.

Are you a bridesmaid looking for an indulgent, distinct gift for the bride? Learn more about our bridal package for the bride-to-be or newlywed . . .


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Picture Perfect: Matching Underwear For Your Bridal Party

Your bridesmaids already are decked out in matching dresses—why not give them matching panties, too? While we don’t love the new trend of bridesmaids lifting up their dresses for the photographer to show a little derriere, we love the idea of bridesmaids having completely matching outfits. Why not have all your women wear fun, festive knickers that match? It can be your little secret with them!  

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Customizing Our Bridesmaid Gift Package For Your Wedding

Our Bridesmaid Gift Package is offered as a one-time gift package (for your wedding day!) or a multi-month package for each lady. We will create custom gift packages for each bridesmaid based on her specific tastes, preferences, and size. You can give all your bridesmaids matching knickers or different styles from our collection for each woman. Send them all matching thongs, or, for instance, if one of your bridesmaids is more modest and, just let us know and we’ll send appropriate bikinis for her.

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Featured Bridal Party Panties: Decadent But Discrete

While you can have any of our luxe panties for your wedding party, may we recommend one of our most decadent yet demure designs as especially appropriate for a bridal party? Adorned with red roses on a bridal field of white, these gorgeous Rose Ribbon Cream panties are not only elegant, but also fit a range of figures. Made by Mimi Holliday, the front and back silk chiffon panels are decorated with a vivid red rose print and strung together by elasticated crème silk ribbons with matching crème bow detailing.
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Individualized Or Matching Panties

For each woman in your bridal party you fill out an [ENCLOSED], questionnaire, that asks for each bridesmaid’s size, panty cuts and other specific preferences. Then, we either send the bridesmaids their [ENCLOSED], boxes individually, or directly to you if you wish to surprise them in person at a bridal shower or before the wedding. If you have any questions about selecting your unique bridal party gifts, give us a jingle on 800.653.2970.

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Panty Prices, Packages & Personal Concierge

Every month of [ENCLOSED], comes packaged in our classic hard-sided keepsake box that features a color-matched grosgrain ribbon. For each bridesmaid you can choose our basic single month package for $55 per bridesmaid, or select one of our other options which extend up to a year of panties for $500 (or $42 per pair) per bridesmaid. If you have more than 3 bridesmaids, contact us for a discount code to use at checkout.
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Matching Your Wedding

Let us know if you have any special requests. Is your wedding color blue? If so, we can create coordinated blue knickers for all the bridesmaids so that they fit your theme. The lucky girls will be sent panties sourced from high-end lingerie makers in either coordinated colors or different styles for every one of them.

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