Bridal Gift Panties For the Wedding


What better way to fête the blushing bride for a bridal shower or perhaps celebrate the first year of marriage than with knickers? (Yes, these are panties, we just prefer the term knickers. But panties if you wish.) And not just one pair, but a new set of panties every month for up to a year.

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Panties Delivered To The Bride

With [ENCLOSED] she gets one or more months of exquisite panties selected by our concierge panty specialists. Wrapped in bespoke packaging and surrounded by real flower petals, this is a gift experience like no other.

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A Customized Bridal Gift Package


For the [ENCLOSED] Bridal Gift Package the knickers are either white, cream or the lightest of blue, and made of only the finest silks, laces and real Swarovski crystals. You can gift her the first pair at the bridal shower or have them sent to her home. The subsequent months will be equally beautiful, but in different colors reflecting the changing seasons. For brides we package the first month of knickers surrounded by white rose petals presented in a white organza bag (within our keepsake [ENCLOSED] box.)

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The Finest Bridal Panties In The World


We are highly selective in sourcing our panties. We’ve traveled the globe (yes, literally, going to France and Italy and beyond) to find the most beautiful, alluring lingerie available anywhere. Our featured bridal knickers run from crisp white to the lightest of blue.

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Our Featured Bridal Styles

    • twin strap lace gstring
    Vanilla Twin Popsicles

    Double the fun. Twin-sided and pure sweetness. Order them before they melt. Perfect for the bride.

    • sexy Lace Tanga underpants
    • sexy Lace Back Tanga sexy underwear
    Boysenberry Ice

    This is not your run-of-the-mill pair of knickers. A fine spun pure white cheeky bikini is oh-so-elegantly laced with deep purple details. Ultra-elegant, and ultra-refined.

    • crystal tanga bridal panty
    • sexy tanga crystal
    Sugar Cookie

    A swath of lace and draped mesh hug the backside while both front and back features elegant lines of real Swarovski crystals. (We are not usually rhinestone-style gals, but these knickers are the exception as they are so elegant.)

    • sexy sheer white boyshort
    • sheer white lace boy bridal sexy
    Lady Fingers

    An iconic, classic delight for most dainty of ladies. Is this ivory coloured boyshort or thong your cup of tea?

    • bridal thong lace dots
    • bridal thong lace sequins
    Italian Wedding Cookie

    We are just dotty for this delightful number! Elegant sequins arrayed on a bright white lace. This slim thong features white dots dancing across her backside and hips.

    • white lace layered front panty bridal
    Confectioner’s Sugar

    The finest cotton and lace in the sheerest of sheer fabrics. (We normally don’t do cotton, but when it is of this superb quality, we make an exception.)
    Utterly innocent, and yet . . . not.

    • white gold tassel bridal bikini lingerie
    Wedding Cake

    Sweet and decadent, with heaps of creamy icing, these knickers truly take the cake. While brides adore them, you certainly don’t need a wedding to justify wearing this coy number. Let them eat cake.

    • sequins white tanga hip
    • sequins white tanga
    Sno Cone

    White and glimmering with fun, this tanga is terrific for the modern bride.

Customizing Her Bridal Gift


Traditionally, brides wear white silk perhaps embellished with lace. But if you have any special requests—perhaps you want to give the “something blue” of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”—just let us know and we’ll further customize her bridal gift to suit. This is the perfect gift to give her at her bridal shower.

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Selecting The Perfect Luxury Gift For The Bride

With [ENCLOSED] you can select a one-time gift, or keep the gift coming for three, six or twelve months to come. Begin the gift at her bridal shower and let the rest of the months come to her. As with all our packages, when you give [ENCLOSED] you’ll be able to select the panty style that you want to send her, as well as indicating her size.

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